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December 2005

Sat 31:

Setting up the new laptop

Fri 30:

I’m special, so special


Thu 29:

Multiple Python installations on Windows

Wed 28:

Emacs artist

Tue 27:

New laptop

Mon 26:


Fri 23:

Helvetica, Arial in Grotesque Accident

Thu 22:

Ricky Gervais podcast

Wed 21:

Kodak Assvertising

The Story About Ping

Exploding comments

Intelligent Design in schools

Mon 19:

The downside of living online

XML without the <!DOCTYPE>

Sun 18:

Database schema upgrades


Sat 17:

Windows Live Local

Fri 16:


Wed 14:

Django losing its djang?

Kubi is hiring

Visual Studio Stuff

Tue 13:


Mon 12:

A new gig for me

Unskilled and Unaware of it

Sun 11:

Stunning illusion

Fri 9:

C++ FAQ Lite

Wed 7:

Configuring Outlook to deal with spam bounces

Vowels and consonants

Sun 4:, v2.5

Tim Tom

Fri 2:

Python Testing Tools Taxonomy and Jester

Thu 1:

UI blogs & the best outlook feature ever

Windows notification icons

Winspector and Zoom+

November 2005

Wed 30:

Reap what you sow

Single letter domain names

Tue 29:

Web 2.0 and startup advice

Dangerously excited

How this site is made: xuff, px, bx, etc

Fri 25:

Quick links: Pike, Air, Stickers, JS/UIX, SQL, Scarry

Mon 21:

Death penalty in Massachusetts

Amazon mechanical turk

Fri 18:

My personal Python mind set

Thu 17:

Single-sheet paper sculptures


Mon 14:

Pool birthday cake

Coalescing Python parser info?

Sun 13:

New comment feature: notify me

Google AdWords: reactivated

Fri 11:


What’s Special About This Number?

Thu 10:

Finding Windows error messages

CSS Hacks table

Structured wikis

Tue 8:

Bad moon rising?

I was 1337

Mon 7:

Ajaxy Exception Catching

Fri 4:

Image file formats

Thu 3:

Duane Keiser

How the Death Star works

Wed 2:

An Eye for Annai

Oracle database XE

Repetitive information injury

Tue 1:

Sony and rootkits

October 2005

Mon 31:

The Final Days of AT&T

Sun 30:

Thread patterns

Halloween pumpkins

Ghost diagrams

Sat 29:

Google AdWords: evil?

Thu 27:


Wed 26:

Susan’s blog

Tue 25:

More alternatives for Python unit testing

Fri 21:

We share your pain

Thu 20:

Parrot post-mortem

More Unix cheat sheets

Wed 19:

Comments prevent execution

Tue 18:

wcscmp vs StrEqual

Which book?

Mon 17:


Sun 16:

Danielle Strachman: hemispheric integration and juggling

Open Source licenses compared

Sat 15:

Blogger via XSLT

Wed 12:


Tue 11:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

The curse of the were-rabbit

Mon 10:

Madlibs, part 3

Mad covers

Sat 8:


Fri 7:

Google Reader

Thu 6:

Cog 2.0

HTTP error 191

Stack traces on windows

Wed 5:

CSS-only RSS badge

How to price a fixed-price contract?

Tue 4:

Scott Lewis is an angel

Today show in NYC

Help! Frozen Mac browsers!

Sat 1:

Shining trailer

September 2005

Fri 30:

I’ll be on the Weekend Today show

Religious tensions

Wed 28:

The death of the main menu

Tue 27:

Avoid being called a bozo when producing xml



Thu 22:

SNL celebrity jeopardy

Tue 20:

Charity web sites

Mon 19:


Paper forest

Sun 18:

Intro to camera memory

Sat 17:

I/O brush


TV in da house, part 2

Fri 16:

Cog commercial: history and spoof

TV in da house

Blog searching

Wed 14:

Gatekeeper Drainer Jockey

Tue 13:

The Aristocrats

Reminder: Walk F.A.R. for NAAR

Sun 11:

Surfers Healing

Doorknob monsters and Jimwich’s faces

Sat 10:

What Rain Man can teach system administrators

Fri 9:

Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Theme

Thu 8:

Amazon sales stats grabber

Wed 7:

Faces project management

Tue 6:

py2exe 0.6.1


Threads cannot be implemented as a library

Mon 5:

Cyan Worlds shuts down

PocketMod and D*I*Y Planner

Omer Trajman

Sat 3:

Katrina on Google Maps

Please help me export movies from Premiere

Action figure

Fri 2:

Database: what’s a base?

Blogging from New Orleans

Interactive debugging in Python

Thu 1:


Code snippets

August 2005

Wed 31:

Organizing build trees

Tue 30:

Making Peace With Autism is now available!


Mon 29:

Purple Stork

Can hate be good?

Unistable polyhedra

Sun 28:

A rocket to nowhere

Cog 2.0, beta 2

Sat 27:

Link grammar parser

Fri 26:

There’s no way I’ll ever be as cool as Derek Sivers

Subversion tags


Wed 24:

Log Parser

Mon 22:

Disney sand sculptures

Susan on WOR, and why registration is a pain

Sat 20:

Boy, that guy is really mad

Thu 18:

Information Aesthetics blog

Kent Beck: software health


“Meteoric rise”

Wed 17:

While my ukelele gently weeps

Tue 16:

Walk F.A.R. for NAAR 2005

Mon 15:

The lamest search page ever

Sun 14:

Valid email addresses?


Wed 10:

Madlibs, part 2

Fri 5:

Amazing but true quotes from the 21st century

Thu 4:


Wed 3:

Time, time, time

Tue 2:

Apple’s mighty mouse

Mon 1:

The value of patterns

July 2005

Sun 31:

Programming with kids: madlibs

Booleans suck

Thu 28:


Tue 26:

Cog 2.0 beta

IPod Flea

Sometimes the automation really knows best

Sun 24:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sat 23:

The bourne war on terror

Virtual street reality

Green With Satisfaction

Online etymology dictionary

Fri 22:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Thu 21:

Very small objects

Google maps pedometer

Wed 20:


Google Moon


Tue 19:

More lattice stuff

Sat 16:



Thu 14:

First Segway

Firefox really is spreading

Wed 13:


Mon 11:


Sun 10:

Peak oil

Wed 6:

Tallest bridge: Viaduc de Millau

Fri 1:


June 2005

Thu 30:

The Tens of Commandments

Wed 29:


MIT Weblog Survey

Tue 28:

Windows shell reads XML processing instructions

Lattice drawings

Thu 23:

Ajaxian blog

Iraq war casualties map

Keyed lookups in XSLT 1.0

Stupid flag burning amendment

Tue 21:

Another distraction I didn’t need: Sudoku

Sun 19:

Last place at Special Olympics

Sat 18:

Spolsky/Scoble workplace fracas

Thu 16:

Robyn Miller’s blog

On this day three years ago...

Mon 13:

Practical MD5 collisions

Sun 12:

Logo trends for 2005

Fifty writing tools

Sat 11:

BOM synchronicity

More stock photo places

Wed 8:

Stick figure adventures

Mon 6:

Rinus Roelofs

Exploded soda

Sun 5:

Kubi job: QA lead

Quick links: contraption, real life, easter egg, shufflehacks, lightsaber

Customizable keyboards

Sat 4:

XML alternatives


Google sitemaps

Thu 2:

Quick links: tiny houses, organic desktops, anti-social, beach animals, robot hut, star wars logo

Wed 1:

Daily Type

May 2005

Tue 31:

Brian Levine

Royal de Luxe 2005

Sat 28:

Store Wars

Thu 26:

Of course, sometimes it is your software’s fault


Wed 25:

Bad hardware

Synergy: software keyboard sharing

Sun 22:

Children’s cosmological questions answered

Character styling with Unicode

Unix cheat sheets

Sat 21:

Star Wars crawls


Thu 19:

Revenge of the sixth


Wed 18:

The mermaid

Tue 17:

Context Free Design Grammar

Gay marriage, one year later

Precog and Templarian

Seven-year glitch

Mon 16:

.NET stuff: dispose guidelines and c++/cli

Sat 14:

I want my MTV at Skywalker Ranch

Schedule games

Fri 13:


Thu 12:

More C++ constructor trivia

TNX Scribble

Mon 9:

Mouseover DOM inspector

Enums and switches

Sun 8:

Making Peace With Autism

Fri 6:

Quick links: fade, logos, comic, colourlovers, edit, png

Thu 5:

Bad day for date formats

Wed 4:


Web single signon

Wobbly windows

Mon 2:

Summer Without Structure

Alien birthday cake

Sun 1:


April 2005

Fri 29:

Protected members in sealed classes?

ANTLR in Python

Thu 28:

Updated Python parsers page

Wed 27:


Tue 26:

How to make a coin ring

QR Code

Dictatorship of relativism

Sun 24:

How to start a fire with a can of Coke and a chocolate bar

Wrapping-paper tie

Wed 20:

Python jobs board

Big Apple Circus

Kagen Schaefer

Mon 18:

Useful Venn diagrams

Adobe buying Macromedia

How to destroy the Earth

Staying organized with index cards

Sat 16:

The Llama Song


Disappointed: T30 DVI

Thu 14:

Abston Church of Christ

Temporary internet files and my recent documents

Wed 13:

Sub-pixel font rendering technology

Sat 9:

Phishing fun with Unicode


The disappointment of ADO.NET

Fri 8:

The beauty of the relational model

Pi Pie for Pi Day

Thu 7:


Wed 6:

Different strokes for different folks

Tue 5:

Damien and Vonage

Franny K. Stein

March 2005

Thu 31:

My own private WTF?

Tue 29:

Pottery blog

Argent: Cog for Ruby

Mon 28:

Wrapping delegates in C#

Fri 25:

Robyn Miller is entirely cool

Thu 24:

Python limericks

I Boing-Boing’ed myself

Tue 22:

Velcro snail and Jimwich

Sun 20:

Pixar’s workspaces

Sat 19:

Myst island birthday cake


Fri 18:

Opening a file with an unknown extension

Thu 17:

New Microsoft typefaces


Microsoft DLL help database

Wed 16:


Super Mario crafts


Mon 14:


Happy π Day

Sun 13:

BitTorrent + RSS = TiVo?

NYPL Digital Gallery

Sat 12:

The long tail of software

Fri 11:

Ultimate boot CD

Boston Python meetup

Thu 10:

Who’s on First?

Wed 9:

L0rd 0f teh Ringz0rz

I’m an Amazon associate

Cell phone virus

Tue 8:

Properties vs. public members

Mon 7:

Animal locomotion

Three years old

Sun 6:

Muy macho shredders

Brookline ScienceFest ‘05

Who owns blog comments?

Sat 5:


The book stops here

Portrait illustration maker

Building a modern computer from first principles

Thu 3:

C# and OutputDebugString

Fork art

SQL hacks: numbers table

Tue 1:

Doodle-O drawings

February 2005

Sun 27:

Xenu Link Sleuth

Pre-oscar news


Sat 26:

Old media backlash

Hyphen Press

Fri 25:

Cog 1.4

Two Windows launcher utilities

Mon 21:

Managed developer testing

Me, parodied

Fri 18:

Art, high and low

Nutch and Filangy

Thu 17:

Microsoft’s guide to leetspeek

Wed 16:

Kubi is hiring: engineering, sales, and qa

Tue 15:

Christo’s Gates

Unable to send email

Tue 8:

Amazing basketball shot

Ryan’s cog tips, and Theoden’s code tips

Sat 5:

Ask Jeeves to buy Bloglines?

The original, updated

Getting back to work

Quick start for Subversion

Fri 4:

How to cut

Thu 3:

Get out of the zeros!

Wed 2:


Css-discuss wiki

Tue 1:

Sand painting

So you want to be a consultant?

January 2005

Sun 30:

Nice Windows icons with wxPython

Sat 29:

Things to say when you are losing a technical argument

Fri 28:

Dispatching events in wxPython


Thu 27:


More exception handling debate

Mon 24:

Misaligned fragment URLs


Sat 22:

New Picasa and GIMP

Fri 21:

We’re looking for QE contractors

Thu 20:


Wed 19:


Tue 18:

Grid design

Mon 17:


Sun 16:

Let me be brave

Fri 14:

Quick links: earthquake, Mario music, wonkavision

First image from Titan

Wed 12:

IBM releases 500 patents

Tue 11:

Generalizing Overloading for C++2000

Autism car magnets

Sun 9:

The digested read

MAME arcade machines

Sat 8:

Tricks of the trade

Rosemary Kennedy, 1918–2005

Fri 7:

Deleting code in Russian

Thu 6:

Nat’s Pooh picture

SQL injection attacks

Wed 5:

Music notation modernization

Formula engine rewrite

Tue 4:

Post #1000, take two

Blogging for jobs

@icon sushi

Mon 3:

Syntax coloring code in JavaScript

Sun 2:

Post #1000

Musical navigation

Sat 1:

Happy new year (I dislike special occasions)