Python Testing Tools Taxonomy and Jester

Friday 2 December 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

Grig Gheorghiu blogs about Agile Testing, mostly concerning Python technologies. He has a wiki page where he tries to make sense of Python testing tools: Python Testing Tools Taxonomy.

I added a link to Jester, a mutation testing tool. It makes changes to your source code, then runs your test suite on the result. If all the tests pass, you missed a test case. Jester works on Java code, but a sidecar tool called Pester provides the same service for Python. It’s a fascinating idea, but I’ve never had the fortitude to try it out (it needs Java and Python, and modified versions of unit test frameworks in both languages).

BTW, my adding that link to that wiki page proves that I don’t always have to control the data.


Thanks for contributing to the PTTT Wiki, Ned. I just read your post on the dilemma you had about posting the Python parsing stuff on your blog vs. the Python Wiki. Interesting stuff, and interesting comments too. To me it seems more of a matter of how dynamic that info is. If it's very dynamic, as the testing tool stuff is, then I prefer a Wiki. If it's pretty static, as the parsing stuff seems to be (only because it's a bit more esoteric I think), then a blog post that you update periodically should be OK.
How cute that the name 'jester' could change to 'pester' upon porting. I checked what other words do that:

pack packet packets packing pail pails par pars paw paws pay
peep peeps peer peers penny perk perky pest pester pests pet
pets petted petting pig pigs point points poke poked poker
pokes poking pot pots potted potting pump pumped pumping pumps
puncture punctures pure purist put putting
Your link to taxonomy gives blank page. This one works today
Eliot: thanks. I updated the link.

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