These are my blog postings about my lovely wife and her work:

18 Jul 2010:

Making Peace with Autism in Korean  also: autism, books

30 Mar 2010:

Autism Mom's Survival Guide  also: books

4 Dec 2006:

Making Peace in paperback  also: books

26 Oct 2005:

Susan's blog  also: autism, blogs

4 Oct 2005:

Today show in NYC  also: tv, me

30 Sep 2005:

I'll be on the Weekend Today show  also: me

17 Sep 2005:

TV in da house, part 2  also: me

16 Sep 2005:

TV in da house  also: me

30 Aug 2005:

Making Peace With Autism is now available!  also: books

22 Aug 2005:

Susan on WOR, and why registration is a pain

23 Jul 2005:

Green With Satisfaction  also: autism

8 May 2005:

Making Peace With Autism  also: autism, books

2 May 2005:

Summer Without Structure

16 Jan 2005:

Let me be brave  also: autism

31 Jul 2004:

Home alone  also: autism

23 Nov 2003:

My autistic child in the balance  also: autism

19 Oct 2003:

The rite stuff  also: autism, religion

17 Jun 2003:

Sue's bathing suit rag

28 Sep 2002:

Driving me crazy

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