Apple’s mighty mouse

Tuesday 2 August 2005This is almost 18 years old. Be careful.

I find it fascinating that something as simple and ubiquitous as the mouse can be the subject of constant innovation. Apple has come up with a typically sleek, simple, and catchily named new mouse: Mighty Mouse.


If only it was wireless...
I also wonder if the scrollball works in Linux...
That would be really cool.
It's fifty bucks for something that's not really any better than the $15 mice from logitech. For $50 I got a Razer Diamondback which has all those capabilities buttons, plus two additional side buttons, 1600DPI resolution, and on the fly sensitivity adjustment. $50 ought to either get you something wireless, or something top of the line in the wired lines (like my Razer). Apple needs to get out of the hardware business.
This actually looks cool. Two buttons with one piece of plastic never fails to impress me.
Is the scrollball only up/down, or left/right as well?
That doesn't look very ergonomic to me, I still prefer the good old Microsoft Intellimouse with a ball.
Apple is also missing left/right mouse button and a real roll button. From my exprience those joystick style roll buttons are a bit clumsy to use.
Mika, you're wrong about the left/right button: the Mighty Mouse doesn't split the shell into two pieces, but it detects which half of the mouse you're pushing on, and generates left click or right click accordingly.

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