Kagen Schaefer

Wednesday 20 April 2005

Kagen Schaefer makes gorgeous wooden puzzle boxes. I have no woodworking skills, but would love to be able to create things this beautiful! Owning them is a small consolation. My birthday is coming up...


andrew 11:10 AM on 20 Apr 2005

I went to the site honestly thinking about picking something up for your birthday. They are beautiful, but $450 for a "dodecahedron box?" (it was sold out anyway). Its the thought that counts, right?

Ned Batchelder 11:15 AM on 20 Apr 2005

Yeah, I know. They're very expensive, and sold out to boot! Thanks for the thought...

Benji York 12:30 PM on 20 Apr 2005

You need to check out http://www.bathsheba.com/sculpt2/. Also very cool, but expensive.

Ned Batchelder 4:28 PM on 20 Apr 2005

I linked to Bathsheba back in November (and received one of her small sculptures as a gift!). She's beyond cool!

mikeb 5:51 PM on 7 Jun 2005

Wow! Those boxes are fantastic! They're going at the top of my wishlist, too (now I just have to hope that familiy has a lot of spare cash...).

Kagen Schaefer 11:47 PM on 28 Jun 2005

Hi guys,

Glad you like the boxes!

Ryan 1:04 AM on 11 Jun 2006

Came across this by accident, if you like metal sculptures check out Elmer Petersen, he's definately a master, check it out some amazing work www.sculpture-in-metal.com

Ryan 1:06 AM on 11 Jun 2006

heres the link: Metal Sculpture

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