Blog: 2002

These are the 172 blog posts for 2002. There is also a complete archive.

December 2002

Mon 30:

Meetings: None of Us is as Dumb as All of Us

Callbacks should always have context

No pause on Goldmember?

Sun 29:


Sat 28:

Cool Ruler

Python behind the scenes: Chandler and THE

Tue 24:

Click Mazes

Happy belated Festivus

Sun 22:

Deleting code

Crowbars and invisible people

Sat 21:


Sun 15:

My disabled son deserves a diploma

Fri 13:

Froogle and Zeitgeist

Thu 12:

Liberty vs. safety

Tue 10:

STL iterators can be char*

Mon 9:

Lego as currency?

The ACLU and the EFF

Log message style guide

Sun 8:

Futurama is still on?

Thu 5:

The root cause of lousy software

Wed 4:


Huffman compression in Notes

Tue 3:

No more anorexic anchors

Validating credit cards

November 2002

Sat 30:

Picasa serial numbers

Mon 25:

Pixar is the Anti-Lucas

Sun 24:

Growing A Language and

Sat 23:

Max’s Lego micro AT-AT

Fri 22:

Too many new things

Thu 21:

Picasa and ThumbsPlus

Mon 18:

Amazon wishlist URLs

Sun 17:

War on P2P?

Phoenix and CSS

Lotus Notes icons

Sat 16:

My RSS Feed

Fri 15:

Ban Comic Sans


Wed 13:

Referrer spam

Tue 12:

Grouping in XSLT

Sun 10:

The web is great, part 2437

Sat 9:

UBF: universal binary format

Fri 8:

Pirated sites

Thu 7:

Doom for the Nokia 7650

Auto-smileys and code don’t mix

Project management rant

Mon 4:

Notes questions from the mailbag

Sun 3:

More-logical alphabets

Serial progress bars

Pyx: the last thing I need

October 2002

Tue 29:

Quentin Tarantino on journalists


Sun 27:

Halloween pumpkins

What time is it?

Sat 26:

Python discoveries

Instrument jokes

Fri 25:

Notes on postmodern programming

Thu 24:


Increase in autism baffles scientists


Wed 23:

Character sets and encodings

Sun 20:

Massachusetts voters: No on 2

Fri 18:


Tue 15:


World’s largest display lit Paris skies

Sun 13:

Spambot stopper

Tips from The Pragmatic Programmer

Apparently I’m evil

Thu 10:

Beyond Compare

Wed 9:

Lego harpsichord

Tue 8:


Sat 5:

The Word Spy

Thu 3:

Long URLs

Wed 2:

Two new utilities: ramp and hexdump

Tue 1:

Python’s maturity

September 2002

Mon 30:

Goering on political dissent

Sun 29:

Evolutionary systems

Sat 28:

Driving me crazy

Vigilantism unbound: the Berman P2P bill

Sun 22:

A Formal Semantics of Patterns in XSLT

Sat 21:

256bytes demos archive

Thu 19:

The first emoticon?

Tue 17:

Patents on impossible compression

Pyramid robot

Wed 11:

Conference Presentation Judo


Tom Van Vleck

Mon 9:



Sun 8:

Flanders and Swann

Sat 7:

Corey Jackson sketchbooks

Wed 4:

More geek humor

Tue 3:

Great meat quote

Mon 2:

Polyglot programs

Sun 1:

Pedagoguery Software geometry models

August 2002

Sat 31:

Richard Napoleon Bonaparte Batchelder

Does anyone still use search engines other than Google?

Wed 28:

Piet programming language

Tue 27:

Letterhead fonts

Tue 13:

Obfuscated code

Thu 8:

Edsger W. Dijkstra: 1930–2002

Tue 6:


Sun 4:


Fri 2:

Google Groups ASCII art

High-Performance Server Architecture

July 2002

Wed 24:

Pixar shorts

Mon 22:

Jim’s Big Ego

Sun 21:

Stephen Wolfram’s unfortunate ego

Sat 20:

Fighting noise

Thu 18:

Flaky coffee grinder

Sun 14:

Mark Fiore animation

Thu 11:


June 2002

Wed 26:

E. B. White on Walden

Tue 25:

ILM short: Work In Progress

Fri 21:

Wonderful animated type video

Thu 20:

Toward a more accessible blog

Wed 19:

NYC Bloggers

Sun 16:

Today is my birthday

Sat 15:

Copy and modify

Thu 13:

The Philosophy of Punctuation

Tue 11:

Description of a project gone badly wrong


Sun 9:


Fri 7:

Tue 4:

More of my brother’s pictures

Sun 2:


Info on banned books

The federal government shouldn’t decide what we can read

May 2002

Tue 28:

J.S.G. Boggs


Thu 23:

Tales of Mere Existence

Sun 19:

Luc Devroye’s font pages

Thu 16:


Wed 15:

Jamie Kellner: clueless dinosaur

Programming with kids

Tue 14:

I’ve started posting code

Mon 13:


Thu 9:

Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies

Tue 7:

Drew Olbrich

Patrick Batchelder Photography

Sat 4:

Fun silly stuff

Fri 3:

What does NED mean?

Wed 1:


April 2002

Sat 20:

Bagel abattoir

How to draw a monkey

Fri 19:

Building cathedrals

Mon 15:

Method of Swinging on a Swing

Sat 13:

Oddpost email

Wed 10:

Code should only do nothing if nothing is the correct thing to do

Sun 7:

Virtual credit cards

Thu 4:

Another bully of a company “wins” out of court

Wed 3:

The West Wing Continuity Guide

Mon 1:

Old habits die hard

March 2002

Sun 31:

Minesweeper mathematics

Weasly Starbucks

Sat 30:

The Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Thu 28:

Digital Bill of Rights

Eisner tries to take the high road

Sun 24:

Pirate ship birthday cake

Sat 23:

Car horns

Fri 22:

Gunnlaugur Briem

Thu 21:


Wed 20:

Ever notice?

Tue 19:


Sun 17:

What inspired Heinlein?

Fri 15:

Pen spinning

Thu 14:

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

Happy pi day

Wed 13:

Python: batteries included

Sun 10:

Coliseum Books

Sat 9:

Kirby birthday cake

Thu 7:

My first job ever