My Mom got married!

Wednesday 25 July 2012This is more than 11 years old. Be careful.

On Monday, my mother Eleanor Batchelder got married to her longtime partner Fumiko Ohno. Being a pragmatic couple, they went into it with protestions of, “it’s just a formality, don’t make a fuss!” But on the day, they were as happy and bubbly as any newly married couple, their 25-year history together notwithstanding.

They live in Toronto because Fumiko is not a US citizen, but came to Massachusetts to get married, because of an issue with my mother’s divorce that I don’t understand. I was really proud that my home state gave them the legal recognition they deserve.

Of course, we made a cake, our first with tiers:

My mom"s wedding cake

The supports are big wrapped stick lollipops, sawn to the proper lengths. The M&M’s were custom-bought so we could include violet in the rainbow. On top are two Lego minifig avatars, in white wedding dresses.

After the ceremony, we had a small party for them, and my twin sister happened to be close enough to attend with her family. Two of my mom’s local friends joined us, so it was a great celebratory event.

Here are the two brides arriving, with me throwing rice (from a box) on them:

Me showing my mom the box of rice I was throwing at her

Later, Eleanor and Fumiko cut the cake:

Mom and Fumiko cutting the wedding cake

It was only later I realized I now have (another) step-mother! I guess that doesn’t matter as much when you’re 50 as it did when you’re 10.

My mom is a big influence on me, of course. She was a software engineer over 40 years ago, and my first exposure to computers was through her books, before I ever touched an actual computer. Her nerdiness runs through me to my kids. In the ‘70s she took a career detour to open Womanbooks, a prominent feminist bookstore. Her independent spirit has helped me to find my own path, and to encourage those around me to do the same.

It was really great to see my Mom so happy about the “formality” of getting married. Official recognition of her relationship is important, and now she’s got it.

Congratulations, Mom and Fumiko!


Awesome. Congratulations, and nice cake!
Congratulations!! Looks like a very happy occasion. :) Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate (and have some cake).
A lovely story; congratulations to your family.
Oh, happy congratulations to you, Fumiko and Eleanor! I'm so very happy for you, cousins.

Love, Helen
Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for the Eleanor and Fumiko!
Lorraine Eckstein 7:46 PM on 26 Jul 2012
Eleanor and I were classmates in Mark Twain elementary school in a St. Louis suburb. We met in fourth grade. I saw her and Fumiko when they came here to Alaska for my 70th birthday party two years ago. What a joy to see their photos and to know that their marriage could be acknowledged in New York. What a wonderful lavender birthday cake. Congratulation and Best Wishes to Eleanor and Fumiko.
Love, Lorraine
Congratulations on your special new status Fumiko and Eleanor! I so enjoyed getting to know you in Alaska with Lorraine. May your future together be forever joyful.
Best wishes,
Congratulations to your mom and her new wife!
We just got a tiny step closer to the world I want my children to grow up in. Congratulations to the happy couple and their families.
What a wonderful write up from a dutiful son! Such love between the two newly weds, and within the family. I love that cake! jo
Carol Marcus Asher 5:21 PM on 9 Aug 2012
Congratulations and many more happy years together as a married couple!
Hi Ned,

I stumbled upon your blog after meeting you at the boston python user group tonight. I just want to say congratulations to your mother and her wife.

Warm greetings from Alaska, Eleanor and Fumiko. I know this is a bit late, however I send my best wishes for your health and happiness together always! Congratulations and lots of love, Pam
William Cravens 3:10 AM on 1 Aug 2015
Congratulation Eleanor, from your long lost back door neighbor from Oakland Street

Friends with Eleanor back in Cambridge in 1960 or so. Was guest at wedding way back then. Happy to see you Eleanor with wonderful life partner and loving children as well. . What a treat. Things sometimes work out! Hope all well.

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