Saturday 9 April 2005

For those of you that want to stay on the bleeding edge of version control systems, there’s a new one being developed: Bazaar-NG. It looks interesting because of its goals (be distributed, but also familiar for CVS users), its implementation (written in Python), and its backer (Canonical, the guys behind Ubuntu). It’s already far enough along to be self-hosting.


Cool that it's written in Python, but it really takes a lot for a version control system to gain traction. SVN is really quite good for most needs. Perhaps Bazaar-NG is going to try to fill the BitKeeper gap for Linux kernel development.

With the many version control systems out there, the only ones that seem to be in widespread use (among the open source systems, that is) are cvs and svn.
I think Bazaar-NG is smart to use the cvs command set (like svn does). Arch really throws people off (at least it did me) with its weird conventions and commands. It reminded me of qmail, whose author thought he could create better fundamental conventions than any other software used.
Today is the day: 1.0rc1 of Bazaar (Bazaar-NG) is released.

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