I want my MTV at Skywalker Ranch

Saturday 14 May 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

An interesting behind-the-scenes look at the media circus surrounding Revenge of the Sith: I want my MTV at Skywalker Ranch. I can’t decide which is more bizarre: Wookiees mixing martinis, or interviewing minor TV stars about the import of the movie.


Hopefully, you haven't seen this... http://darthside.blogspot.com/

a "blog" from Darth Vader's perspective. A great read. An example:

"I have spent the day touring our facilities on the Sanctuary Moon from which we emit the invisible energy-condom that protects the still incomplete Death Star orbiting above. This world is an explosion of life, every inch teeming with creeping vines and scurrying insects and rustling leaves. Our tour ended up at the stormtrooper garrison where General Veers was hosting a barbecue.

'Have you tried one of these Ewoks, m'lord?' asked Admiral Piett, offering me a crisp kebab. 'Delectable!'

Veers himself was surrounded by a cadre of identical troopers holding their helmets in one hand and their drinks in the other. 'Lord Vader!' Veers greeted me. 'I'm so glad you could join us. Did somebody get you an Ewok?'"


"I came to a rise overlooking a shallow ravine in which was situated the auxiliary entrance to the shield generator bunker. I considered: why a back door?"

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