Hyphen Press

Saturday 26 February 2005

Hyphen Press is a small press publishing books about design, especially typography. They have some interesting sounding titles, such as Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now. I’m not as much of a type geek now as I used to be (believe it or not), but this sounds like a book I would read still. I also liked their minimal site design, with a clever morphing-title navigation trick (as you hover over the sections of the site in the navbar, the title of the page changes to where you will go).


Richard H. Schwartz 12:59 AM on 27 Feb 2005

Eeew! That morphing title thing is indeed clever, but it's a shining example of misapplied cleverness. It's just... wrong.


Robin Kinross 9:56 AM on 30 Jan 2008

That was the Hyphen website in 2005. Two years later, we changed it. The morphing title thing always seemed fine to me, but it's gone now.

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