Hyphen Press

Saturday 26 February 2005

Hyphen Press is a small press publishing books about design, especially typography. They have some interesting sounding titles, such as Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now. I’m not as much of a type geek now as I used to be (believe it or not), but this sounds like a book I would read still. I also liked their minimal site design, with a clever morphing-title navigation trick (as you hover over the sections of the site in the navbar, the title of the page changes to where you will go).


Eeew! That morphing title thing is indeed clever, but it's a shining example of misapplied cleverness. It's just... wrong.

That was the Hyphen website in 2005. Two years later, we changed it. The morphing title thing always seemed fine to me, but it's gone now.

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