Monday 24 January 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

So far, we’ve survived what is being termed “Blizzard ‘05”. We got between two and three feet of snow, including drifting:

Blizzard burying chairs

Compare it to my Snowcakes picture of two years ago.

The town of Brookline (like the city of Boston) has closed school for two days, which seems completely unwarranted. Better safe than sorry, I guess.


at my house, we got a foot of snow. However, I was in New Hampshire snowboarding during the greatest blizzard since '79. Guess what I got? Two lousy inches. Blizzard, bah.
Blizzard huh? Let me know how that works out for ya.
(I don't know Damien or Ned, just a fan of both weblogs)...

Damien appears to be building up a lot of anti-sympathy for the next time a hurricane hits the Carolinas :)
Blizzard they call it? Hah, Luxury!!

Here we had more than two feet of snow; with the howling winds, a drift in front of my house is about 8 feet high! On the other hand, my driveway has been cleared of all snow by the wind :-)

From up North, in Nova Scotia, Canada :-)
Hurricane schmurricane, I'm just glad I'm not freezing my ass off like I did for the past 7 winters.
You call this freezing?

I'm living in CT now, and compared to Quebec, this is, while not warm, a lot less painful...

Hmmm, in fact, I guess the relative winter temperature upgrade from Qc->CT is about the same as from MA->NC :)
I think Damien is just lashing out because he knows his back will get flabby and weak without a little shoveling every now and then...
Great shot Ned! And I love the link to the other photo too. What camera are you using?
Thanks. It's my brand-new Canon A85.
That was hurtful Ned. You know how self concious I am about my back flab.

Seriously though, New England winters suck. And as a person who lives in a warmer place I feel it is my duty to remind New Englanders how much it sucks, just in case they might have convinced themselves otherwise. And I will never get my comeuppance. Never!

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