New Picasa and GIMP

Saturday 22 January 2005

There are updates available for two free graphics packages I use on Windows: Picasa (a photo organizer), and The GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program).

Picasa 2 is out, and it has a bunch of new features. Since being acquired by Google, it is free, so why not run it? And no, I don’t know what Google plans to do with it. It has a Blogger button, but buying Picasa seems a long way for Google to go to get a little Blogger integration.

The GIMP is up to version 2.2.2 (though the Windows install kit is only up to 2.2.1). If you haven’t tried GIMP since version 1, take a look: version 2 is a huge improvement.


Who knows what the Google folks are thinking but when the acquisition occurred the press was talking up Picasa's Hello picture sharing service as part of the reason for the buyout. Apparently they were already working together before this.

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