Saturday 17 September 2005

Kevin Dangoor announces the TurboGears web megaframework. He calls it a megaframework not because it is enormous, but because it is a collection of existing pieces which have been integrated, kitted, and documented together into a larger framework. The pieces are:

So Python has another compelling web development framework. I still haven’t ever built a web site with any of the other ones, so when I finally do, I’ll have another to choose from.



It sounds similar to Subway, which combines CherryPy, SQLObject and Cheetah.

As a Django guy, I feel compelled to point to DjangoPoweredSites :)


Let the holy wars begin! (or continue, or get more complicated, or something...)


It's like Subway and/or Fanery, plus Ajax support via MochiKit and a spiffy screencast. Can't go up against Rails without a spiffy screencast.


"Can't go up against Rails without a spiffy screencast."

Yes, it's a good job all those bankrupt late-1990s telecoms and network companies put all those fat pipes in before going under.

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