Another distraction I didn’t need: Sudoku

Tuesday 21 June 2005This is more than 18 years old. Be careful.

If you’re like me, and find abstract pure logic puzzles addictive, then don’t go read about Sudoku, because you’ll be hooked.


yes, read about it in WSJ - right up your alley Ned, shall we make excuses for you at the Python Bowl-A-Thon?
They just got me too... While visiting my wife's parents this past weekend I noticed one in the local paper and now download the daily sudoku every day.
As far as I can tell (from 10 minutes of looking), no where on that site do they attempt to explain what the puzzle is and how to solve it.

That is really really annoying. A very prominent "what is sodoku?" link should be the first thing the built into their web page.

So, we have a grid, and in some of the squares there are numbers. What am I supposed to do with the damn thing?
BTW, when I say "that site" I mean the daily sodoku site. I missed the wikipedia link at the top of the blog you linked to.

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