Wednesday 12 October 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

Since Making Peace with Autism came out six weeks ago, my wife and I have become addicted to Amazon sales stats. We got into the habit of reloading the Amazon page to see how the book was doing (nicely, thank you). Then I wrote an Amazon web services script to pull stats for a number of books.

Now I’ve created WHOA: the Writer’s Homepage for Obsessing about Amazon. It’s a customizable page that lists stats for the books you want to see. Try it out, or read About WHOA.

The list of books is all in the URL, so once you have a page you like, you can bookmark it to obsess over and over again. Or you can create a list and share it. For example, here’s a Franken vs Limbaugh and O’Reilly smackdown.


I guess you missed that such a tracking service exists: http://www.junglescan.com .
I had missed it, and it looks very slick. The historical aspect of JungleScan would be interesting. Unfortunately, when I tried pasting Amazon URLs into it, it couldn't understand them, so it doesn't work for me!

Also, black pages scare me...
Unfortunately, there seems to be some flakiness asking Amazon to transform the XML to HTML. This error is my PHP page complaining when it gets back XML instead of HTML, I think.
Look - it's a masterpiece. JungleScan is like "huh?" How do you use it? WHOA is so totally straightforward, perfect for non-technical types like me.
Very cool. Your blog is one of my favorites. With a fascinating logo. I like the way you write and with this new tool of yours, you'll have no excuses not to write your own book. ;)

Congrats to Susan on her success!

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