Blog: 2004

These are the 380 blog posts for 2004. There is also a complete archive.

December 2004

Thu 30:

Why my site was hosed

Cog 1.3

Objectgraph type-ahead dictionary

Wed 29:

Cog 1.2

Sri Lankan tsunami relief

Tue 28:

Hosting recommendations

Updates to commenting system

My site is back

Mon 27:

Walking every street in Manhattan

My site is hosed

Fri 24:

Occupational adventure

Thu 23:

Message from the operator

Sun 19:

I-Top: too cool

Sat 18:

Elements vs. attributes

Random brokenness

Wed 15:

The pitfalls of fixing error handling first

Tue 14:


Switching from darcs to subversion

Sun 12: updated

Fri 10:

Google suggest beta

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer

Sun 5:

Looking for part-time IT help


Thu 2:

Python is not Java

C++ constructor trivia

November 2004

Tue 30:

Gromit’s favorite toy

Sun 28:

Languages and IDEs, again: Just write some code

How to kill a mockingbird

Thu 25:


Wed 24:


Mon 22:

The IDE divide

Sun 21:

Books organized by color

Sat 20:

Alternatives for Python unit testing

Fri 19:

Kenneth Iverson, 1920–2004

Wed 17:

XML Schema for non-XML data?

Tue 16:

Prediction: Toy Story 3 will suck

Bathsheba Grossman


Mon 15:

Sun 14:

Low-tech and high-tech films

Sat 13:

Мои статьи на русском языке


Wed 10:

Uncanny valley

The history of UTF-8

Syntax of the res: protocol and some known related issues


Tue 9:

Stored procedures: good or bad?

Mon 8:

The Incredibles

Sat 6:

Quick links: Subway, Purple, Cars, Moon, Textures

Thu 4:

Comparing version control systems

Tue 2:

Belly button plant

The father is always the last to know

Mon 1:


October 2004

Sun 31:

Halloween pumpkins

Thu 28:


Tue 26:

Quick links: Limecat, Rustboy, SmartCar

Two good email signatures

Bush is a post turtle

Mon 25:

First tuesday after the first monday

Sun 24:

Atlas of Presidential Elections


Fri 22:

Hallmarks of a great developer

NYT: For Families of Autistic, the Fight for Ordinary

Ode to the Red Sox Nation

Wed 20:

Treasure box

The complete guide to isometric pixel art

Tue 19:


A quest for pythonic interfaces

Line of succession


Mon 18:

Where XML goes astray

Sun 17:

$50 Encyclopædia Britannica

Say no by default

Fri 15:

Color synthAxis

PHP/SWF Charts

Structured procrastination

Thu 14:

Ned’s Prescriptive Prefix Pushing Ploy

Wed 13:

Software maniacs

Tue 12:


How to use XSLT from .NET

Sat 9:

How do you make this in HTML?

What I wish Kerry had said

Thu 7:

Struct ComputerContractor

Tue 5:

Laszlo open sourced

Sun 3:

__FILE__ and __LINE__ in Python

Smart playlists

Sat 2:

Open source couch

Fri 1:

Two election statistics sites

September 2004

Thu 30:

Survey of Python parsing tools

Tue 28:

43folders and quicksilver

Mon 27:

Side projects

Thu 23:


Tony’s PowerPoint weblog

Italian modular origami

Sun 19:

DXL and NotesPeek

Sat 18:

Coloring Windows console text

Thu 16:

Walk Far for NAAR

Creative case-insensitivity

Filemon rocks

My feeds are fixed

Wed 15:

Firefox dead bookmarks

Fri 10:

An architect’s job

A difficult day

Wed 8:

CDATA isn’t special

Tue 7:

The daily WTF

Fri 3:

Spirit parser framework

Wed 1:

Help with C# calling changing COM interface?

Crash-only software

August 2004

Tue 31:

Damien Katz’s Couch

Mon 30:

George Lakoff dissects the war on terror

Sun 29:

Let the games begin

Fri 20:

Cleaning up after yourself

Thu 19:

MD5 collisions

Tile-based Flash game tutorial

Mon 16:


Juggling clubs

Fri 13:

Conditions from hell

Code bloat

Thu 12:

Project management

Wed 11:

The death of orkut

All things blithering

Tue 10:

On static typing

Thu 5:

On the utility of computer books


Pokia retro phone of the future

Wed 4:

Cygwin argument handling?

Tue 3:, 1.5

Mon 2:

Failing infrastructure

That’s no space station

July 2004

Sat 31:

Home alone

Great hackers

Bone-devouring worms

Mock objects

Thu 29:

Scientists discover biological basis for autism

__stdcall and exceptions?

Wed 28:

Asserts and implication

Tue 27:

Introduction to Python


Sun 18:

AppleScripting Windows drives on Mac OS X?

Fri 16:

Windows themes

Thu 15:


Yet another laptop

Tue 13:

Google and Picasa

Yahoo and Oddpost

Back from vacation

Thu 1:


Office space wars

June 2004

Wed 30:

Mountain Dew “Spy vs. Spy”

Tue 29:

Full text RSS feed

Web walk: RC4 encryption


Word of the day: verruca

Mon 28:

Downloadable JavaScript and DHTML reference?

Sun 27:

General interface

Sat 26:

Life of Pi

Fri 25:

Bob Bemer

Thu 24:

David Huffman

Sweat equity is the best equity

The digital object identifier system

Wed 23:

The apple collection

Boil the ocean

Switching to a new laptop

Tue 22:

Old stamps

Mon 21:

Fat stars

Paper arcade

Sun 20:

Damien is looking for contracting work

Fragment highlighting

Thu 17:


Wed 16:

Polyglot unmasked

I’m interviewed on

Today’s my birthday

Tue 15:

The two things

Mon 14:

Transit of venus

Sun 13:

Slightly shaken books

Sat 12:

Syntax colored code

Ping-o-matic and xml-rpc

Fri 11:


Thu 10:

Old post: Smoke test

Wed 9:

Learning about lean

Tue 8:


Playing with time

Sun 6:


Bubble fun

Sat 5:

Senior engineer’s eyes

Breakfast cereal guide

Fri 4:

Omniscient debugging

XML data to graphs

Wed 2:



Tue 1:

Benchmarking ups and downs


May 2004

Mon 31:

Another success story

Sat 29:

Legos Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Honda Element Legos

Thu 27:

Under-estimated javascript

Wed 26:

Rejection rejection


Tue 25:

Pressure and speed

Sun 23:

Mike Lin

Fri 21:

Faraday waves

I now have stupid all over me

Thu 20:

Outlook tip of the day

COM threading models

Danny Gregory’s everyday matters

Wed 19:

Devens on WMD

Cold turkey

Tue 18:

Oddizm and autistic adults

More timewasting garbage, another copy-editing moron

Sat 15:

Sealing stairs

Fri 14:

How not to deal with exceptions

Thu 13:

Distributed proofreaders

Reading fiction

Tue 11:

Read print

Pulling weeds

Sat 8:


How many Google machines


Tue 4:


Mon 3:

FedEx identity, take 2

Sun 2:

Quick links: paperclip, worst, thorax, fractals, patent

Sat 1:

Combinatorial testing with jenny

Google’s math sense of humor

April 2004

Thu 29:

Diamond cutting

Smaller mpegs from Adobe Premiere?

FedEx rebrands Kinko’s

Wed 28:

Saying yes to blow-painting

Tue 27:

So we bought an iBook

Mon 26:

Arcade copy protection

Sun 25:

General computer corporation

Special Olympics

Fri 23:

Joseph Wu Origami

Thu 22:

APL and J

Wed 21:


Electoral college reform

Tue 20:

The long and the short of it

Mon 19:

Many started web logs for fun, but...

Sun 18:

BloggerCon II

Fri 16:

Hello world in patterns

Thu 15:

How grammatically sound are you?


Wed 14:


Tue 13:

Writing exercises for engineers and scientists

Atari 2600

Mon 12:

Quick links: Sheep, Snail

Sun 11:

Great stella

Ikea walkthrough

Quicken item ordering

Fri 9:

A joke for passover

Thu 8:

Problem solving flowchart

Making do with Windows noises

Boa constructor

Wed 7:

Help with CSS alignment? Please?

Warning on ignored return?

Mon 5:

Quick links: Zoo, Google, records, diesel, dinner

Sun 4:

Daylight savings time

Fri 2:

Sysinternals process explorer

Thu 1:

GeOrkut density map

March 2004

Tue 30:

XSLTXT version 2


Mon 29:

Cousins of the presidents

Sat 27:

Race car birthday cake

Air America radio

Fri 26:

Promoting computer literacy through programming Python

Thu 25:

Broken build rituals

Truly random numbers

Tue 23:

Bloom filters

Mon 22:

Exact string matching algorithms

Sun 21:

Cog 1.1

How to make a pop-up scene

Sat 20:


Sports Illustrated’s digital workflow


Bob’s quick guide to the apostrophe, you idiots

Wed 17:

Times when I am truly happy


Tue 16:

MIDI sheet music?

Mon 15:

Japanese paper robots

CSS diagrams

Sat 13:

Mathematical background

TV tropes & idioms

Elmo coat

Charlie Chaplin

Fri 12:

CSS jokes


Thu 11:

Quick links: generics, frameworks, failures, attitude, naming

Mon 8:

Homestar birthday cake

Fri 5:

How to spot a fake programmer

Thu 4:

Making Visual Studio less annoying #2

Quick links: Far Side, Steve, Boggle, Scrabble


Parents’ choices

Wed 3:

Making Visual Studio less annoying #1

Tue 2:

Google search by number

Intro flash movie

Calvin and Hobbes extensive strip search

Mon 1:

A pixel is not a little square

Loving v. Virginia

February 2004

Sun 29:

Quick links: Reasons, Cho

Sat 28:


Thu 26:

Printer tones

Port knocking

Gay marriage amendment

Classical computer science texts

Tue 24:

Critical font update

Virtual/non-virtual mixups

Mon 23:

Poignant Guide to Ruby

Susan Kare’s Ned font

Gremlins in the code

Sat 21:

Macintosh folklore

Fri 20:


Thu 19:

Black history month

Wed 18:

Trunk monkey

Sun 15:

Destructors instead of catches

Sat 14:

Quick links: resizing, decompression, optimizing

Programs that write programs

Sixth grade questions

Thu 12:

No matter how hard you try...

Wed 11:

Risks inherent in the rock abrasion tool

How to choose a search engine or directory

A new kind of science online

Cory’s random advice for composition

Tue 10:

Code generation with Cog

Essays wanted for new book about autism

Power structures in meetings

Sun 8:

Swimming with boys

Sat 7:

Orkut again

Fri 6:

Another cool thing about perforce: Python

Tue 3:

Internet anagram server

Ian’s shoelace site

Showing C header structure

Mon 2:

Fixing jackals chomp wavy quartz bed

Sun 1:

onEnterFrame in Flash 5?

January 2004

Sat 31:

Ultra-geeky Life amusement

Mars scorecard

Wed 28:

Microwaved mugs and multiple mindsets

College meets the real world

How to distribute Python modules?

Tue 27:

“Treat yourself well. Everyday.”

Nissan cube

If ghost says you don’t have enough memory..

Displaying unicode in windows prompts

Sun 25:


You think it’s cold where you are?

Open source testing

Sat 24:

Juggling changes brains

Fri 23:


Box templates


Simple tricks for more usable forms

Spirit - D’oh!

Thu 22:

Spirit paper model

Tue 20:


A wishlist gift

Mon 19:

Speeding C++ links

Wed 14:

Shampoo bottles

Tue 13:

Printing Unicode from Python

Updated ID3 tools

Fri 9:

Memory errors

Thu 8:


Rocket man blog

Tue 6:


Buying a laptop on ebay

How to ask for help

Mon 5:

Text in columns


Sun 4:

M3u files in a tree, take 2

Things I learned about Unicode today


Sat 3:

The Sokal affair in Social Text

Six degrees of Rod Steiger


My nonogram puzzles

Fri 2:

Freeing MP3s from iTunes

Thu 1:

Web filtering software

Virtual travelog