Thursday 26 May 2005This is 18 years old. Be careful.

Pike is “a dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to Java and C”. It claims to be faster than Python and easier to pick up because it looks like all those static languages. I was impressed that its author is named Fredrik Hübbenet, and therefore can use the domain name fredrik.hubbe.net. With my name, I have to wait until Eritrea opens up to non-Eritreans before I can use ned.batcheld.er.


His name is "Fredrik Hübinette", not "Frederik Hubbenet". Maybe you could check with www.nic.ar?
Isn't it amazing how he manages to short-fuze his argumentation for Pike mentioning static-typing and C like syntax as a means to be faster and easier to programm...

static-typing+Cish == easy and fast

Right! Whatever happend to maintainable, structured, dynamic/fast, agile and high-level...

/me sights
Pike is a descendant of LPC, the implementation/extension language for LP-MUD, one of the major early-90s online multi-user gaming systems. The full-featured & extensible Roxen webserver is written in Pike.

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