These are my blog postings about Unix-based operating systems:

15 Dec 2013:

Versioned Python commands on Mac  also: python, mac

3 Oct 2013:

Finding stale pyc files  also: how-to

3 Jul 2013:

Hashtags for commands  also: git

12 Dec 2011:

Deleting files, keeping a few  also: how-to

21 May 2008:

How to apply patches  also: how-to

11 Jan 2007:

Ubuntu cookies  also: food, crafts

6 Jan 2007:

Vim help  also: ides

8 Sep 2006:

Geek humor  also: funny, geeky, comics

5 Aug 2006:


21 May 2006:


6 Jan 2006:

Every OS Sucks  also: funny, geeky, mac, windows

25 Nov 2005:

Quick links: Pike, Air, Stickers, JS/UIX, SQL, Scarry  also: art, science, quick links, google, databases

20 Oct 2005:

More Unix cheat sheets  also: reference

23 Jul 2005:

The bourne war on terror  also: funny, politics

22 May 2005:

Unix cheat sheets  also: shells

19 May 2005:

Zsh-lovers  also: shells

25 Feb 2003:

Placebo progress bars  also: ui

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