Xenu Link Sleuth

Sunday 27 February 2005

I just used Xenu Link Sleuth to check the links on this site. It found a few broken internal links (which I fixed), and many broken external links, which I didn’t, because who can find where they went? I don’t understand its external link feature though, because it seems to chase down external links on external pages as well. Anyone have any tips?


I love this tool and use it alla time. The author is anti-Scientology, as you can see from the banner ads on the report page.
I immediately picked up on that too, Xenu is an ancient galactic overlord that has imprisoned us on Earth. Ever felt oppressed, trapped, or lied to? Yup, that's Xenu's doings.

All this stuff the church will not admit to publicly, and you have to do a little digging to find the details on the internet, as the COS is very litigious. As crazy as it all sounds, it's like every other religion in that it's based on supernatural hokum. But unlike other religions they only tell you the details after a long and costly process.

BTW, both my parents are Scientologists. Boy do I have some stories.
COS -> Church of Scientology
Thanks to Bill Clinton for giving them tax exempt status!

I see no controversy with tax exempt status, they are clearly a religion.
Also try http://www.LinkTiger.com.

It is free and they check your website each week!

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