Wednesday 19 January 2005

I live in the Boston area, which means that January is cold. It was 8° (Fahrenheit) here yesterday. That’s not that big a deal around here, but here’s the thing: Somehow during the drive home in the evening, I managed to get my right index finger frostbitten. It was pale and numb, until I soaked it in some warm water and it returned to the same cold-pink as the others. Today: gloves.

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I live in winnipeg, it was -30 F the other day with windchill to -50F...Gloves are mandatory
Boston area huh? How's that workin' out for ya?

I thought it was getting crappy here when last night we got below 20°, but then I remembered that when it's cold here, it's ridiculously cold up there. That makes me feel better ;)
You probably got frostnipped, not frostbitten: let's be glad for that, or your blog might have read:

I live i the Bosto area, which eas that Jaar is cold. It was 8° (Fahreheit) here esterda...

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