These are my blog postings about people getting way too focused on a particular thing:

2 Feb 2010:

Lost cake  also: cakes, tv

3 Nov 2009:

Life-sized Link  also: crafts, video games

29 Jul 2009:

Movie title stills collection  also: movies, design

26 May 2008:

Rex Parker does the NYT crossword puzzle  also: games, blogs

23 Feb 2008:

Paul is or is not dead  also: music

7 Jan 2006:

Tattooed nerds  also: geeky, video games

16 Dec 2005:

Wookieepedia  also: reference, star wars

27 Dec 2004:

Walking every street in Manhattan  also: places

5 Jun 2004:

Breakfast cereal guide  also: food

3 Feb 2004:

Ian's shoelace site  also: how-to

3 Dec 2003:

The museum of HP calculators  also: history, hardware

9 Jun 2003:

Marble Madness  also: video games

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