Different strokes for different folks

Wednesday 6 April 2005This is 18 years old. Be careful.

I often swim laps in the morning at the Waltham YMCA. The pool is divided into two sections: one for lap swimmers, and one for water aerobics classes. The aerobics people tend to be grandmotherly types. I think most lap swimmers don’t consider the water aerobics to be “real” exercise, though it’s certainly more varied and more social than swimming laps.

The other day, a new lap swimmer got into the aerobics side of the pool. One of the grandmothers pointed her to our side of the pool, saying, “If you’re just going back and forth, you have to do it over there”. There’s always another way to look at things, I guess...


I really like this story! And here is yet another viewpoint: I once tried to do morning laps at our local Y's pool, but the only time slot I could fit in was dominated by a very fast and aggressive band of swimmers. After I got kicked in the face a few times by type A people passing me I began to look wistfully at the Aqua-cizing ladies.

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