A new gig for me

Monday 12 December 2005

After four-plus years at Kubi Software, I will soon be leaving for a new job. Antonio Rodriguez got in touch with me, and convinced me that his startup would be really interesting. I’ll be joining his small team building consumer-oriented online applications, which is very different from my current work building installable enterprise software. As I told him,

I already know all the ways enterprise software sucks. Now I’ll get to find out all the ways consumer software sucks!

Seriously though, I’m very excited to be moving into a new technical area, working in Python, and using Django. We’re going to build cool things. I can’t wait to get started.


David Pitkin 10:23 PM on 12 Dec 2005

Good Luck! I think it is cool that you're using django in the company but Antonio's blog is running Typo which is a Rails app.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss 11:09 PM on 12 Dec 2005


I've excited to read you're going to be using Django; I've been reading your blog for some time now, so I'm glad I get to give something in return (in a roundabout way, anyway). I'll be watching to see what you guys build with Django.

Ned Batchelder 11:17 PM on 12 Dec 2005

Thanks, I'm looking forward to joining the Django party...

Nate 11:48 PM on 12 Dec 2005

Congrats! Very cool! Consumer software can be fun, and it's a lot easier to explain to friends and family "it does X, which might actually be of use and interest to you" :)

Kartik 12:18 AM on 13 Dec 2005

Heartiest Congratulations Ned! I have been a regular reader of your blog. I wish you all the best and look forward to your blogs relating your experiences in the new company.

Jarno Virtanen 12:25 AM on 13 Dec 2005

We are looking forward to hear intimate war stories on the internals of either Django or Python. ;-)

zgoda 4:04 AM on 13 Dec 2005

I am in the very same situation: after 4+ years of work in large financial company's software house, I got the proposition to join small team working (also using Django) on some portal. I remember the heat of 1999 and I cann't decide, should I quit my current job (which gives me headaches, but also quite good amount of money) and join this startup, which is cleanly "Web 2.0 company". Not quite easy, heh.

Max Ischenko 7:51 AM on 13 Dec 2005

Congrats and best of luck for your venture.

If you'll need new hires feel free to contact me. ;-)

Nils Jonsson 9:05 AM on 13 Dec 2005

Mazel tov! I wish you the best in your first few days and beyond.

Carl Tyler 9:49 AM on 13 Dec 2005

Congratulations Ned! hopefuly you'll still find time to post your insightful and fun blog entries!

Daniel Kirchheimer 11:57 AM on 13 Dec 2005

Onwards and upwards! I don't know nuthin' about no Django (though I play a bit of blues guitar), but I'm sure you'll conquer it and enjoy the process.

See ya!

Grig Gheorghiu 12:41 PM on 13 Dec 2005

Congrats! Looking forward to reading about your experiences on your blog.

Kevin 2:06 PM on 13 Dec 2005

There is a massive and somewhat battered vending machine here. The instructions on it read: "Drop coins here to receive fresh batteries."

Dethe Elza 4:38 PM on 13 Dec 2005

Best wishes with the new gig. It's hard as a parent to jump to a startup (I know from experience), but it can be done successfully. Just keep your perspective.

Jeff Atwood 6:07 PM on 13 Dec 2005

Good luck-- you'll be a huge asset to whatever company you choose to work for!

Rich 7:13 PM on 13 Dec 2005

Good Luck Ned.

DeanG 8:07 PM on 13 Dec 2005

Congratulations! Hopefully your newfound expression will still spill over into blogland.

bob balaban 8:51 PM on 13 Dec 2005

Good luck! If you get tired of the startup thing we who know you will always welcome you (back) at IBM....

Ned Batchelder 12:08 PM on 14 Dec 2005

Thanks, everyone for the good wishes. Of course I intend to keep up the blog (heck, it's what got me the new gig!), but change happens. Part of the fun is seeing what happens...

Don 8:10 AM on 16 Dec 2005

Congratulations, Ned! I'm an occasional reader of your blog, having been introduced to it through Pete. Let me know if you and Antonio ever need a technology PR/marketing professional.

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