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30 Oct 2010:

Recent tweets  also: autism, comp sci, css, django

5 Jul 2010:

Recent tweets

13 Jun 2010:

Recent tweets

12 Jun 2009:

Quick links: short, right, anti  also: testing, security

11 Jan 2009:

Quick links: corkscrew, tag, bubbles  also: science, machinery

20 Nov 2008:

Quick links: Gromit, splitter, typealyzer  also: animation, language, games

20 Dec 2007:

Quick links: wrapper, design, later, launchy  also: tools, design

9 Dec 2006:

Quick links: statue, lego, visualization  also: lego

8 Jul 2006:

Quick links: Etch-A-Sketch, Linea, Fancypants, Lost Mac ads  also: animation, art, ads, video games, mac

21 Mar 2006:

Quick links: finance, accent, sliderule, disturb

11 Mar 2006:

Techy crafts  also: crafts, lego

25 Nov 2005:

Quick links: Pike, Air, Stickers, JS/UIX, SQL, Scarry  also: art, science, google, databases, unix

5 Jun 2005:

Quick links: contraption, real life, easter egg, shufflehacks, lightsaber  also: lego, graphics, star wars

2 Jun 2005:

Quick links: tiny houses, organic desktops, anti-social, beach animals, robot hut, star wars logo  also: art, typography, robots, star wars

6 May 2005:

Quick links: fade, logos, comic, colourlovers, edit, png  also: design, javascript, css, web, graphics, color

14 Jan 2005:

Quick links: earthquake, Mario music, wonkavision  also: music, science, video games

6 Nov 2004:

Quick links: Subway, Purple, Cars, Moon, Textures  also: movies, cars, space, graphics, maps

26 Oct 2004:

Quick links: Limecat, Rustboy, SmartCar

2 May 2004:

Quick links: paperclip, worst, thorax, fractals, patent

20 Apr 2004:

The long and the short of it

12 Apr 2004:

Quick links: Sheep, Snail  also: machinery

5 Apr 2004:

Quick links: Zoo, Google, records, diesel, dinner

11 Mar 2004:

Quick links: generics, frameworks, failures, attitude, naming

4 Mar 2004:

Quick links: Far Side, Steve, Boggle, Scrabble  also: javascript, css

29 Feb 2004:

Quick links: Reasons, Cho

14 Feb 2004:

Quick links: resizing, decompression, optimizing

27 Dec 2003:

Quick links: dreems, holograms, hypercomic, tinygrow, moovl  also: comics

23 Dec 2003:

Quick links: Characters

23 Dec 2003:

Quick links: Letters  also: typography

23 Dec 2003:

Quick links: Seasonal Fun

18 Dec 2003:

Java musings  also: programming languages, exceptions

19 Nov 2003:

Quick links: Applets, eggs, economists, tetragrams, colors, numbers  also: art, language

2 Nov 2003:

Quick links: Relativity; sky; balancing; large; enormous  also: science, lego, math, robots, machinery

17 Jun 2003:

Quick links: Rotation, pixelHugger, visualOrgasm

12 Jun 2003:

Quick Python links: MSNbot, Project planning, GD  also: python

28 May 2003:

Recent Python-URL gleanings  also: python

15 May 2003:

Quick links: darcs, Capon, twiddling, xmltramp, meld  also: python, xml, source control, algorithms

24 Apr 2003:

Quick links: Microsoft, Xanadu, Ozzie

5 Apr 2003:

Quick links: cvs2rss, Hydra, dynamicobjects, events  also: feeds

5 Apr 2003:

Quick links: UPS, alteration, San Serriffe, covers

29 Mar 2003:

Quick links: wreckage, evolution, strategies

25 Mar 2003:

Quick links: greed, Milhouse, uri's, perl patterns  also: perl, lego

23 Mar 2003:

Quick links: leaders, synechdoche, xrefer

18 Feb 2003:

Fish, Codeville, PSP8  also: python

15 Feb 2003:

Quick links

22 Nov 2002:

Too many new things  also: python, xml

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