Myst island birthday cake

Saturday 19 March 2005

March madness in our house involves two birthdays, each with a themed cake. The first, for our now-13-year-old, was based on the Myst island:

Myst island birthday cake

Myst island birthday cake

Myst island birthday cake

Everything is edible. It includes Twinkies, ice-cream cones, coffee cakes, marshmallows (regular and mini), pretzels (stix and rods), Hershey bars, Ring Dings, Twizzlers, those rectangular wafer cookies, and my new favorite building material, Little Debbie Fudge Brownies. It’s all topped off with plenty of frosting, in brown, white, blue, and two greens.

Here’s the original source material, screen shots from Myst game:

Myst island screenshots

Of course, with five 13-year-olds and two brothers around the table, it didn’t last long:

Myst cake, half eaten

If you liked this, you may also want to look at past cakes: race car, Homestar, Superman, Pirate ship, and Kirby.


Damien 9:40 AM on 19 Mar 2005

Very very cool. Idea: Next time follow the recursive theme of Nat's World and put little figures on the cake having their own Myst Island cake.

Gord 1:10 AM on 22 Mar 2005

That's pretty darn impressive. My brother and I were big fans of Myst when it first came out... we spent hours upon hours trying to solve the mysteries. I might have to dig it out and play again, if only for old times' sake!

Raindog 1:26 AM on 22 Mar 2005

Wow, rock. I thought my mom was badass for making me Boba Fett and Darth Vader cakes over the years. lol, nah, moms still the best.

Metostopholes 1:29 AM on 22 Mar 2005

Wow, I love the Ring Ding gears. ^_^ Very cool idea!

ToriaURU 2:32 AM on 22 Mar 2005

You've done yourself proud! That cake is a awesome achievement! Well done :) Happy Birthday to the lucky 13 year old with good taste in Video games!

Torley 7:42 AM on 22 Mar 2005

I came here from BoingBoing... OMG... wow, Ned -- this is really incredible! AND Tasty. Mmmm. So cool to see something like this, and in celebration of your son's b-day too. I was a big fan of the 1st Myst game way back in like... wow, 1994. It's been over a decade now but the fond memories haven't faded.

I have Asperger's Syndrome and noted the autism entries on your blog... I'll be reading them with great interest.

Keep it up... I know you will. :)

EndlessTrail 11:20 AM on 22 Mar 2005

This is awesome! I fondly remember playing the original game back during my childhood days! One of the best games during it's time. It still is.

Nancy Bea 7:28 PM on 25 Mar 2005

Did Susan make that herself or was it a joint effort? Wow! Makes my Titanic birthday cake (10/03/04) look a bit kindergarten-ish!

Ned Batchelder 8:12 PM on 25 Mar 2005

Nancy, how sexist of you to assume that I may have had no hand at all in this cake! Susan does the baking part, but the planning and construction are definitely a joint effort.

La Foret 2:31 PM on 12 Nov 2006

WOW ! You're cake is so nice. It just made my day, so thank you very much.

Brian 2:30 PM on 10 Mar 2007

That's an outstanding and creative cake! I absolutely love that I recognize all the landmarks you designed!

My mom made some very creative cakes for me as well. She made a 3-part hamburger cake for me with red and yellow icing for condiments, and a pizza cake for my sister with sugared gummi fruits for toppings that looked like pepperoni and peppers.

So, props to Ned, Susan, and my mom!

Brian 2:35 PM on 10 Mar 2007

P.s., this is a really sophisticated commenting page you've got here. It anti-spammed my email address and applies nofollow for search engines. Very impressive!

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