Blog: 2006

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December 2006

Sat 30:

How to move a subversion repository

Adobe and Office icons

Fri 29:

Account suspended due to spam

Mon 25:

Holiday card 2006

Thu 21:

Marketing via blogs

Tue 19:


Sun 17:

Yahoo: the good and bad of ajax

Sun 10:

DB Fletcher capstan tables

Sat 9:

Quick links: statue, lego, visualization

Thu 7:

Color tools

Mon 4:

Making Peace in paperback

Fri 1:

Svn annotate all?

November 2006

Thu 30:

Tony vs. Paul

Sun 26:

Tabblo books

Thu 23:


Drawing games

Mon 20:

The Wheel

Sun 19:

Stranger Than Fiction

Sat 18:

Goodbye Lemon

Non-euclidean juggling

Tue 14:


Sun 12:

Taskbar Shuffle

Wed 8:

Teh internets

Tue 7:

Tabblo 8, Flickr 7

Sun 5:

Box rivets

Sat 4:

Drawing and manufacturing, then and now

October 2006

Tue 31:

Halloween pumpkins

Sun 29:

Subversion branching quick start

Sat 28:

White house photoblog

Thu 26:

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

Sun 22:

Too dynamic?

Sat 21:



Thu 19:

Slide art

Sun 15:

Funny cat pictures

Sat 14:

Porter stemming algorithm

Thu 12:

Actual conversation

Sun 8:

Cameras with wireless

Google code search

Fri 6:

A Pale Blue Dot

Tue 3:

Iterator merge in Python

Mon 2:

Glimpsing the garden over the wall

Cameras and Wookiees

Design Barcode

Sun 1:

Drying out


September 2006

Tue 26:

An emergency at Tabblo

WebInno 8

Sat 23:

SQL trivia

Wed 20:

Do you digg Tabblo?

Sat 16:

Naming planets

Fri 15:

Escher-like Google maps

Tue 12:

TechCrunch Tabblo review review

Sun 10:

Show image catalog Greasemonkey script

Fri 8:

Geek humor

Wed 6:

Impoverished exceptions

Tue 5:


August 2006

Wed 30:

Frameworks make software easier, but only the easy part

Tue 29:

Bronx Science math team, 1980

Mon 28:

White House photo

Wed 23: v2.6

Mon 21:

Ruby on Rails security flap

Sun 20:

Dream referrers

Thu 17:

Goodnight Irene

Wed 16:

New exit strategy: eBay

Wed 9:

The biology of b-movie monsters

Sat 5:


Fri 4:

Same-sex marriage bans in Washington and New York

Thu 3:

IE7 is coming, and fast

Helpful un-helpful magic

July 2006

Sun 30:

Partition for Python

Sat 29:


Wed 26:

Nonsensical spam

Tue 25:

WebInno 7

Mon 24:

Simile Timeline

Sun 23:


Fri 21:

Spamlent Green is people

Thu 20:

Sue and Ned’s excellent adventure, part 3

Unnecessary censorship

Wed 19:

The diversity of digital media

Tue 18:

Web 2.0 over thin pipes

Not being a dot-bomb 2.0

Sun 16:

Sue and Ned’s excellent adventure, part 2

Fri 14:

Sue and Ned’s excellent adventure, part 1

Sat 8:

Quick links: Etch-A-Sketch, Linea, Fancypants, Lost Mac ads

Fri 7:

Black tie at the White House

Sat 1:

One less beta

June 2006

Wed 28:

The Vietnam of computer science

Tue 27:

All you can eat Buffet

Mon 26:

Wedding toast

Thu 22:

On the fate of entrepreneurships

Mossberg Tabblo review in the WSJ

Tue 20:

At the movies: Sarah Silverman and OCD

Fri 16:

Math factoid of the day

Tue 13:

Web application framework stacks

SQL ordering

Sun 11:

Mentos + Diet Coke: an illustrated guide

Scent of a Robot

Sat 10:

ASCII world cup

Digital Equipment Corporation

Fri 9:


Revenge breeds revenge?

Sun 4:

Google really has turned a corner

Sat 3:

Robot Chicken

50-year-old bug

May 2006

Wed 31:

Garamond Premier Pro

Tue 30:

The perils of stock photos

Mon 29:


Sat 27:

For best results, write your own ad-hoc data representation

Thu 25:

Haaarg, world!

Wed 24:

Human spammers

Tue 23:

Introspection via pseudo-objects

Mon 22:


Sun 21:


Sat 20:

Ten things I hate about commandments

Thu 18:

Attributing climate-change data

Mon 15:

Announcing Tabblo

Erlang vs. Java, by Ben

Wed 10:

Color calibration

Tue 9:

WebInno 6

Sun 7:

Magic is all around us

The wave

Sat 6:

Search engine indexing limits

Fri 5:

ASCII maps

Triaging bugs

April 2006

Fri 28:

Why is reliable software so hard?

Python tuples are not just constant lists

Big Hug

Thu 27:

The IT Crowd

Wed 26:

Code Monkey

Python tuning tips

Sun 23:

Advanced sudoku strategies

Sat 22:

QA is a misnomer

Pimp my snack

Thu 20:

C.R.A.P. design

The brick testament

Five truths about code optimization

Mon 17:

Working hard, or hardly working?

Sun 16:

Who is Homer’s boss?

Ride to laundromat lands cabbie on sold-out stage

Wed 12:

How to feel miserable as an artist

Client-side PHP

Fri 7:

A variant of the LAMP stack

Marketing Biathlon

Thu 6:

Japanese Rube Goldberg machines

Tue 4:

Spirit loses a wheel

Mon 3:

Stick figure and Lego cakes

Sun 2:

Web frameworks, seriously

Sat 1:

Google Circles

Web frameworks: RoR is the winner

March 2006

Thu 30:

Peacenik designer t-shirt

Wed 29:

Hapland 3

I hate filling out forms

Tue 28:

The adventures of scaling

Sun 26:

Migrating interest

Thu 23:

How not to run an ad service

Lost Rhapsody

Tue 21:

Quick links: finance, accent, sliderule, disturb

Sat 18:

Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes

Entrepreneurial proverbs

New idioms for old

Thu 16:

Why I got fired from Apple

Baseball’s best burger?

Wed 15:

Caption contest answer

Tue 14:

Modifying library code

Who can name the bigger number?

Sun 12:

Riven and Cone birthday cakes

Sat 11:

Producing poo

Techy crafts

Bliss Diss

Fri 10:


Thu 9:


Sun 5:

Big Adventure in the Big Apple: A Sketchbook

Everything in the same minute


Fri 3:

Many features of the product are unavailable

Thu 2:

Jason McElwain

Wed 1:

An extraordinary act of public obedience

The problem with checkboxes

February 2006

Mon 27:

We’re hiring

Microsoft iPod packaging

Sun 26:

Extreme Yo-yo

Sat 25:

Monospace fonts compared

Fri 24:

The Generator Blog


Mon 20:

I’m back

Sat 18:

It will probably be dark for a while

Fri 17:

Say goodbye to

Thu 16:

Juggling to the Beatles

Spelling words

Mon 13:

Things that bug me about two-dimensional programming

United dragon ad

Sat 11:

I have to use my Gmail account in Google Groups?

Fri 10:

Autism Saturday


Programmable web mashup matrix

Wed 8:

Usability testing on the cheap

Sun 5:

PCG: Cog in Perl

Sat 4:

Copper comic

Brokeback to the Future

January 2006

Tue 31:

Using Eclipse

Mon 30:

The QA mindset

Sun 29:

Fractal Tic-Tac-Toe

Thu 26:

Quick PIL tip

Mon 23:

Dirty podcasts

Sun 22:

Video game maps

Unwitting bloggers and witless structured blogging

HTML screen scraping and sgrep

Sat 21:

JavaScript as a real language

Wed 18:

Tricky rowspan tables

Tue 17:


Mon 16:

Toshiba Tecra M3 review

Thu 12:

The Conversations Network

Lead in power cords?

Tue 10:

Inventing XML Languages

Tecra M3, nVidia and Dell 2005fpw?

Sun 8:

Meeting doodles

Sat 7:

Email validation again

Tattooed nerds

Fri 6:

Every OS Sucks

Ruby milestone

Thu 5:

Network speed tests

Email validation in PHP

Wed 4:

Quoting hell

Mon 2:


Sun 1:

Joel Spolsky is a crotchety old man

Happy 2006