The curse of the were-rabbit

Tuesday 11 October 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

I saw the latest Wallace and Gromit movie (The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) yesterday. It’s fabulous:

  • The animation as always is first-rate. The facial caricatures are hilarious.
  • Being a full-length movie, this has much more detail than previous films, especially in the sets.
  • Listen to the score: there are a number of variations of the Wallace and Gromit theme, used cleverly during high points of the movie.
  • The plot, as always, involves the innocent and mundane (a vegetable growing competition) turned dramatic.
  • The sets are full of puns. Wallace’s cheese library includes East of Edam, Grated Expectations, and Fromage to Eternity.
  • The humor is perfect for kids of all ages, including a few low-road visual jokes for the grown-ups.
  • The bunnies are very cute, but the cutest thing in the movie is the very first shot, of Gromit as a puppy.

In other Wallace and Gromit news, remarkably, over the weekend, the Wallace and Gromit warehouse was destroyed by fire. The props and sets from all the other Wallace and Gromit movies were lost.

Wallace and Gromit


Awesome. The feature-length Chicken Run was OK, but my whole family loves the Wallace and Gromit shorts. The Wrong Trousers is a particular favorite. It's good to know the characters and style translate to the big screen. Thanks for the review.
It was an awesome film!!! It takes so long to make them. I'm afraid my 7 yr old will be in High School before the next one is out! A Close Shave and the Wrong Trousers are 2 W & G shorts not to be missed.
I agree with Dave's comments above that this current offering was far better that Chicken Run. Were-Rabbit was the first movie to make every member of my family (including a 3-year-old and two teenagers) laugh outloud a number of times.

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