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December 2007

Thu 27:

A Spot of Bother

Wed 26:


Sun 23:


Thu 20:

Quick links: wrapper, design, later, launchy

Sun 16:

Ancient history: the Digital logo

Tue 11:

Human sorting

Mon 10:

Presidential prediction

Sat 8:

Google chart API

Thu 6:

Extracting JPGs from PDFs

November 2007

Tue 27:

Sun 25:

Kris Sowersby’s type doodles

Secret print tracking

Mon 19:

Jelly Blocks

CSS frameworks, good or bad?

Tue 13:

Re-throwing exceptions in Python

Sun 11:

Planet Saturday

Beautiful Code

Fri 9:

On the naming of functions

Wed 7:

Chris Lomont and the Excel formatting bug

Tue 6:

Best computer language for a beginner

October 2007

Tue 30:

Flaws in coverage measurement

Mon 29:

Halloween pumpkins

Sun 28:

Matt Shlian

Plato and a platypus walk into a bar

Sat 27:


Wed 24:

Continuous line art

Fri 19:

Why we curse

Wikipedia quick search

Wed 17:

Http-https transitions and relative URLs

Sun 14:

Modular pie-cosahedron

Fri 12:


Mon 1:

Histogram as image

September 2007

Sat 29:

Walk Now for Autism

Python’s super (considered harmful)

Mon 24:

Toy computing devices

Sun 23:

Star Simpson

Brian Dettmer’s dissected books

Fri 21:

Schaedler precision rules

Wed 19:

Django favicon

Sat 15:

Gimp gradient files

Thu 13:

An owner’s guide to programmers

Connelly Barnes

Sun 9:

SI prefixes

Sat 8:


Mon 3:

Transition from summer

August 2007

Sun 26:

Sable-3 photo balloon into space

Wed 22:

Bucky without Bucky

Mon 20:

The Hoax

Sun 19:


Fri 10:

Regular expression diversity

Thu 9:

Two weak typing problems

Sat 4:

Literal answers to rhetorical questions

Fri 3:

Glark and ack

Thu 2:

New client-side web tools

July 2007

Mon 30:

Biologists helping bookstores

Thu 26:


Wed 25:


Tue 24:

Walk Score

Sun 22:

Geek dessert v2.75

Thu 19:

Simpsons avatars

Tue 17:

RIP, Minty Bear

Thu 12:


Wed 11:

Draggable google map routes

Mon 9:

Ben at work

Sun 8:


Abject-oriented programming

June 2007

Thu 28:

Things I’ve learned about photography

Sun 24:

Biplane ride

Sat 23:

Installing apps on Mac

Fri 22:

Air hogs havoc heli

Sat 16:

Math factoid of the day

Fri 15:

Upgrading from lists to objects

Thu 14:

Tight vote looms on same-sex marriage

Sun 10:

Giant food ball

Tue 5:

gotAPI aggregated API search


Fri 1:

Python on Planes

May 2007

Thu 31:

Google Maps Street View

Tue 29:

XSSed page rank list

Mon 28:

A Digital Remake

Sun 27:

Škoda cake

Sat 26:

Visual tricks

Wed 23:

Getting started with Python

Mon 21:


Elegant web typography

Sat 19:

Roy Zimmerman’s Defenders of Marriage

Wed 16:

Origami mask for sale

Python SSL support in Windows and opening MSI files

Tue 15:

Cygwin path pickiness

Mon 14:

High power job

Thu 10:

Scoble on autism

Thu 3:

Making history

April 2007

Sun 29:

Strictness and correctness

Fri 27:

Capacity planning for LAMP

Wed 25:


Sun 22:

Help with NSF forensics?

Sat 21:

Xss with utf-7

Fri 20:


Wed 18:

Debbie Downer

Tue 17:

Email senders fight back?

Sun 15:


Sat 14:

Five minutes to kill (yourself)

Fri 13:

SQL on Rails

Thu 12:

Kurt Vonnegut, 1922–2007

Wed 11:

Monty Python and the Holy Trek

Mon 9:


HP and Tabblo in the New York Times

Sun 8:

My .pdbrc

Fri 6:

Across the street from the Sphinx

Thu 5:

CSS naked day

Wed 4:

The eye is 576 megapixels

Tue 3:

Tabblo PhotoCube

Mon 2:

Thinking with type

Sun 1:

Ben’s Kirby cake

March 2007

Fri 30:


Thu 29:

Random HTML factoid: no '

Mon 26:

Debugging (in) my sleep

Thu 22:

HP acquires Tabblo

Tue 20:

Hex words, updated

Sun 18:


Gesundheit and adventure game studio

Sat 17:

It Works on My Machine

Wed 14:

XSS bestiary

Sat 10:


Wed 7:

Half a decade

Sun 4:

Firefly press

Paper models as matter transporters

Fri 2:

Presentation tips

February 2007

Wed 28:

William McVey’s PyCon notes

Mon 26:


Wed 21:


Sat 17:

I’m going to PyCon

Fri 16:

Origami Polypolyhedra

Wed 14:

Two new editors

Mon 12:

Looking for a contractor

Sat 10:

Science from jimfl


Fri 9:


Wed 7:

Walk on (cornstarch and) water

Tue 6:

Helvetica movie

Mon 5:

Until Uru Ki cake

Sun 4:

Get firebug

January 2007

Wed 31:

Tabblo valentines

Sun 28:

EURIon constellation

Sat 27:

Business card cube photos

Tue 23:

Wikipedia and nofollow

Sun 21:

Stopping spambots with hashes and honeypots

Thu 18:

The Fitful Flog

Color parsing brainteaser

Wed 17:

Damien is available!

Sat 13:

Five things you didn’t know about me

Thu 11:

Ubuntu cookies

Wed 10:

Python assignment trickiness

Tue 9:

Wobbly tables

Mon 8:

CampaignMonitor blog

XUnit patterns

Sun 7:

SpaceMonger v2

Sat 6:

Vim help

Brand new

Fri 5:

Busy christmas

Tue 2:

All triangles are equilateral

Mon 1:



Last day of 2006, Boston common