I’ll be on the Weekend Today show

Friday 30 September 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

My wife Susan will be on the Weekend Today show this Sunday, October 2nd. There’ll be taped footage of the whole family (including me, I guess). It airs nationally on NBC, usually 8 to 9, though some places it’s different, so check your local listings.


That's awesome. Sounds like good exposure for your wife's book.
8 to 9? What kind of insane early birds are up at that hour? Good thing I got Tivo.
I watched the segment this morning and it was great! I hope the book sells well.
Here in Seattle the Sunday morning Today show aired at 5-6am. Yikes!

We watched it. Great segment. I thought the home segment and interview were both good albeit too short. Sue did an excellent job during the interview.
Nice blog.I like this.

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