Boston Python meetup

Friday 11 March 2005This is more than 18 years old. Be careful.

Last night was the Boston Python Meetup meeting. We had about a dozen guys, and the informal conversation ranged all over: Webware; Plone; the legal status of the Python license; how to find Python packages; whether (and how) to create a Boston-area Python consultants directory; and so on.

Stephan Deibel of the Python Software Foundation was there, and made a good case for the cause. He claims that 14% of all the world’s programmers have used Python, which is twice what it was last year, and that if 10% of them would donate just $10 each, the PSF would have a large coffer of money to do the things that open source doesn’t usually do well (marketing, unpleasant chores, and so on). Give some money!

All in all, we had a good collegial time. It wasn’t drinking Mojitos until stupid o’clock, but this is Boston after all!


Fiddlesticks.... Every time I get the Meetup notice, I say, "gosh--I'll really go to this one!" and then I either get stuck doing something else or I get abducted by aliens or my car breaks down or ... locusts!

I think a Boston-area Python consultants directory would be great assuming there's a need for one. Do companies in the Boston area really want Python folks?
The feeling was that one of the barriers to adoption of Python was the fear that there isn't a critical mass of Python developers out there. A consultants directory would be one way to dispel that fear.
Mayne the Bostonian angle would be if everyone had a bowl of clam chowder or other seafood delicacy during the meeting ;-)

Here in Sydney we stuck mainly to beer, although someone was spotted drinking green chartreuse.

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