Boston Python meetup

Friday 11 March 2005

Last night was the Boston Python Meetup meeting. We had about a dozen guys, and the informal conversation ranged all over: Webware; Plone; the legal status of the Python license; how to find Python packages; whether (and how) to create a Boston-area Python consultants directory; and so on.

Stephan Deibel of the Python Software Foundation was there, and made a good case for the cause. He claims that 14% of all the world’s programmers have used Python, which is twice what it was last year, and that if 10% of them would donate just $10 each, the PSF would have a large coffer of money to do the things that open source doesn’t usually do well (marketing, unpleasant chores, and so on). Give some money!

All in all, we had a good collegial time. It wasn’t drinking Mojitos until stupid o’clock, but this is Boston after all!


will 9:39 AM on 11 Mar 2005

Fiddlesticks.... Every time I get the Meetup notice, I say, "gosh--I'll really go to this one!" and then I either get stuck doing something else or I get abducted by aliens or my car breaks down or ... locusts!

I think a Boston-area Python consultants directory would be great assuming there's a need for one. Do companies in the Boston area really want Python folks?

Ned Batchelder 9:48 AM on 11 Mar 2005

The feeling was that one of the barriers to adoption of Python was the fear that there isn't a critical mass of Python developers out there. A consultants directory would be one way to dispel that fear.

Andy Todd 10:10 PM on 13 Mar 2005

Mayne the Bostonian angle would be if everyone had a bowl of clam chowder or other seafood delicacy during the meeting ;-)

Here in Sydney we stuck mainly to beer, although someone was spotted drinking green chartreuse.

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