Monday 17 January 2005This is close to 19 years old. Be careful.

Because I may need it someday: HTMLarea, a very impressive HTML editor that runs in IE and Mozilla Firefox. It was written by Mihai Bazon, who also makes some great menu software and other DHTML goodies at


That's really quite freaky, we just spent half the day looking at the available html widgets and decided HTML Area looks like the best out the the lot (fckeditor is a little flaky and kupu just seems a little hacked together - although the drawers are nice) HTML Area is the one that seems to hang everything together niceley including keyboard access. The spelling tool is really cool and we're just going to play with the css plugin (that seems like it will index all your styles and put them in a dropdown).
I haven't been impressed with any of the HTML widget offerings; they tend to trade off too much power for ease-of-use (although HTMLarea, with it's "toggle HTML source" option, does a reasonable job).

I wrote Tibia instead, in which you may be interested: -- which provides some additional management features which the various widgets don't (locking of page elements).

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