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14 Jan 2014:

Git choose your own adventure  also: git

3 Oct 2013:

Finding stale pyc files  also: unix

12 Dec 2011:

Deleting files, keeping a few  also: unix

9 Mar 2011:

Quick and dirty multi-threaded Django dev server  also: django

17 Feb 2011:

How to not get reputation points on Stack Overflow  also: online

5 Nov 2009:

Continuous integration for Python with Hudson  also: python

21 May 2008:

How to apply patches  also: unix

30 Jan 2008:

Truly transparent text with PIL  also: python, graphics

27 Jan 2008:

How to make people feel stupid  also: communication

6 Dec 2007:

Extracting JPGs from PDFs  also: python, graphics, pdf

17 Oct 2007:

Http-https transitions and relative URLs  also: web

2 Mar 2007:

Presentation tips  also: communication

30 Dec 2006:

How to move a subversion repository  also: source control

29 Oct 2006:

Subversion branching quick start  also: source control

12 Apr 2006:

How to feel miserable as an artist  also: philosophy

8 Feb 2006:

Usability testing on the cheap  also: testing

4 Feb 2006:

Copper comic  also: comics

27 Sep 2005:

Avoid being called a bozo when producing xml  also: xml

26 Apr 2005:

How to make a coin ring  also: crafts

24 Apr 2005:

How to start a fire with a can of Coke and a chocolate bar  also: hacks

18 Mar 2005:

Opening a file with an unknown extension  also: windows

8 Feb 2005:

Ryan's cog tips, and Theoden's code tips  also: funny, coding, cog

5 Feb 2005:

Quick start for Subversion  also: source control

4 Feb 2005:

How to cut  also: food

30 Jan 2005:

Nice Windows icons with wxPython  also: python

8 Jan 2005:

Tricks of the trade  also: blogs

28 Nov 2004:

How to kill a mockingbird  also: books, funny

20 Oct 2004:

The complete guide to isometric pixel art  also: art

12 Oct 2004:

How to use XSLT from .NET  also: xslt, c#

18 Sep 2004:

Coloring Windows console text  also: windows, shells

19 Aug 2004:

Tile-based Flash game tutorial  also: games

14 May 2004:

How not to deal with exceptions  also: coding, exceptions

21 Mar 2004:

How to make a pop-up scene  also: crafts

5 Mar 2004:

How to spot a fake programmer  also: work

4 Mar 2004:

Making Visual Studio less annoying #2  also: ides

3 Mar 2004:

Making Visual Studio less annoying #1  also: ides

3 Feb 2004:

Ian's shoelace site  also: obsession

28 Jan 2004:

How to distribute Python modules?  also: python

19 Jan 2004:

Speeding C++ links  also: c++

6 Jan 2004:

How to ask for help

26 Dec 2003:

How to fold paper in half twelve times  also: crafts

4 Nov 2003:

Stencil revolution  also: art

9 Oct 2003:

Acrobat 6  also: tools

26 Sep 2003:

How to improve a day  also: coding

8 Aug 2003:

Stroke technique  also: swimming

6 Jun 2003:

Python main() functions  also: python, shells

30 Apr 2003:

Two links from Bob  also: japan

25 Feb 2003:

How to be a programmer  also: dev mindset

20 Apr 2002:

How to draw a monkey  also: art

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