Thursday 7 April 2005This is 18 years old. Be careful.

I ran across a mention of this open-source log file analyzer: Lire. I haven’t tried it, but it seems quite full-featured. In fact, it may be too full featured. Not content to analyze web server logs, it aims to encompass all log file analysis of any kind. New log file formats can be read by writing a “DLF converter” which reads your new log format, converting it into Distilled Log Format. Then reports are generated by XML specifications somehow. Like I said, it looks very powerful. Anyone have any experience with it?


I just happen to have been working on a little log analyzer, which actually seems similar to this, but of course more crude and Apache-specific. -- mostly because none of the most popular ones gave me the detail I wanted when analyzing a small site (e.g., I want *all* the referrers, though my referrer spam I now realize is out of control).
I tried out Lire a few years ago, but it was too complicated for me to get to work after futzing with it for an hour. So then I switched to awstats which is good enough for most things and I use a set of python scripts for the rest of the things I want to do.

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