Single letter domain names


Anon 10:45 AM on 30 Nov 2005

I believe they are talking about single letter top-level domains. I.e., http://www.nedbatchelde.r

Nate Finch 11:14 AM on 30 Nov 2005

Nope, they're talking about,, etc.

As Jay Leno said last night... it'll be a welcome relief to all of 26 companies. Whoopteefrickindoo.

Bob 11:35 AM on 30 Nov 2005

I worked at a startup when the 7 top-level domains were created. We got for Cognition Incorporated (see here). The company still exists but I think the domain was more valuable than their net worth so they sold it off. Too bad we didn't think ahead and grab all of these other silly names while we were at it.

Mark Mascolino 8:05 PM on 7 Jan 2006

The really short domain names might be useful for an app targeted at mobile phone users.

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