Saturday 5 March 2005

Yesterday, driving to work, my car’s odometer read 111111. It seemed like some kind of milestone. That’s all.


I reached 888888 (km) a couple of weeks ago. Extra cool since that meant that all the little crystals in the odometer LED display were on :)
This reminds me of a story that Tim Peters told on the python-dev list:

Octal was so deeply ingrained in Cray culture that a coworker filled out her timesheet in octal once, 10 hours per day for her 2-week vacation, summing to 120 hours. Our boss signed off on it because it looked fine to him. This is the same boss who loved to tell the story of taking his family out for a drive, and excitedly exclaiming "Hey, kids! Look!! The odometer is about to flip over to 40000!". Of course it read 37777 at the time, and when it flipped to 37778 "they looked at me funny, and my family life was never the same again".

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