Doodle-O drawings

Tuesday 1 March 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Over a year ago, I wrote about the drawing game Doodle-O. A commenter there named Mike said visual examples would be great. I agree. Today was a snow day for my kids, and we played this morning. Here are two rounds to illustrate:

My six-year-old gave me this abstract design (although in portrait orientation):

Abstract design to be completed: circle, triangle, two lines, and a squiggle

I turned it into a pickup truck with some people in the back:

A pickup truck with three people

My twelve-year-old gave this design to me, but I was stumped, so I handed it off to my six-year-old:

Abstract design to be completed: circle chopped into by a long wedge

Without hesitation, he quickly turned it into a giant taking the top off a house:

Finished doodle: A giant taking the top off a house


Ben is awesome, I miss seeing his drawings. A very talented kid.
Haha, that house looks so scared.

That's a good idea to pass time. Might use that trick to entertain myself when I find myself in large queues. Thanks!
Holy cow; your son draws beautifully!
This is great! (and adorable!) And yes, the house looks scared.

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