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Chris Smith 8:43 AM on 29 Mar 2005

The pottery in question is splendid looking. I don't know if she was cleaned out already, or what, but there is rather a vacuum where one expected product.

Ian Bicking 11:35 AM on 29 Mar 2005

Thank you! I don't think of it as Googlebombing, though... more like Helping The Web Help Itself, By Directed Annotation Through Linking. HTWHIBDATL... no doubt that'll turn into the biggest new acronym since HTH and AFAIK.

peter foreman 7:40 PM on 30 Mar 2005

Who gives a shit about your goddamn pottery. Could you really not think of anything better to do than read all the other pathetic comments and then contribute to the stupidity? I mean what kind of deusch bag does that? You need to break your damn pottery and go hang yourself. Take the fucking velcro snail and shove it up your ass!

Ned Batchelder 10:18 PM on 30 Mar 2005

Peter, I don't know what to say. You seem to be very angry about something, I doubt that it's really the pottery or the velcro snail. Take a deep breath, look within yourself, and try to relax...

Damien 3:31 PM on 31 Mar 2005

Ned, he's just saying what we're all thinking: shove that snail up your ass!

Sadly, that's funniest thing I can come up with. Any idea who Peter is?

Ben Poole 7:25 AM on 5 Apr 2005

Per this directory:


... Peter is supposedly an assistant professor at Illinois State University. But I find that hard to believe ;o)

Bob 4:58 PM on 1 Apr 2009

I am not really sure where he is from.

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