Kodak Assvertising

Wednesday 21 December 2005

Kodak Assvertising, in which a major multinational corporation puts their logo on women’s asses, and pays them to drop things and pick them up all day at a photo trade show. And we wonder why engineers have poor opinions of marketing...


Richard Schwartz 5:52 PM on 21 Dec 2005

I was going to say something, butt... I got distracted ;-)

brian 7:27 PM on 21 Dec 2005

Gee. This actually raised my opinion of marketing.

David Boudreau 11:45 PM on 21 Dec 2005

At least, with a big corporate brand like Kodak, it will probably catch a lot of negative flak and give them a bad image, for such a powerful brand. But at video game shows, the tradition of whoring "booth babes" at events is the most blatant I've seen, and it's only a matter of time before this becomes standard, if it hasn't already. Some people needs some spankings.

Ned Batchelder 6:54 AM on 22 Dec 2005

While spankings would attract more eyeballs, I'm thinking it would also draw a lot more criticism! :-)

John Smith 4:43 PM on 22 Dec 2005

One of my friends responded with this:

You havenít been to the gym lately. The latest in gym wear is to have coeds wear tight shorts with something written over their asses, e.g. Georgia, Florida State, Sweet, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc. So I can see how the marketing minds came up with this.

David Boudreau 10:16 AM on 24 Dec 2005

This has about as much to do with marketing as Intelligent Design has to do with science; it's much more about declining social standards. (you gotta be kidding me- sex sells all of a sudden?? imagine that!) Back when I had asspirations of becoming a pimp, I had a grand design of requiring all employees to get my name tatooed on their lower backs, just above their cracks. Plans fell through for a number of reasons.

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