Web 2.0 and startup advice

Tuesday 29 November 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

Two interesting pieces: Tim O’Reilly on What Is Web 2.0, and Evan Williams on Ten Rules for Web Startups, though most of them have nothing to do with the Web. I intend to continue to work for startups, and I’ve always got my eye on Web technologies, so these are good manifestos to keep at hand.

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Wonderful links! You might be interested in a podcast I heard from IT Conversations of Clayton Christensen (Innovator's Dillema / Solution) speaking at a conference (in fact Tim O'Reilly was in the audience and clarified a point). O'Reilly starts and ends with criticising commercial interests for misquoting "Web 2.0" but to be fair to them, they want to emulate the Googles just as much as he winds up describing what they are in his article. Still fascinating and highly insightful.

In the Ten Rules link, also great - just a minor comment that for the first point, though excellent, doesn't come from fear of being trivial but fear of not diversifying enough. Investors must hedge their bets and manage risk, and that can make things tough when the market hasn't been clarified yet. The second rule is all too true... I've always tried to convey this same point to people by asking, what does "Amazon" have to do with books?

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