Please help me export movies from Premiere

Saturday 3 September 2005

Last year, I asked for help getting reasonable movies from Adobe Premiere Pro. I still need help. I don’t care what format the output is, but I need them to be reasonable size, reasonable quality, and reasonably viewable by the general public (in terms of platform support). I have Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 on Windows, and I have iMovie on an iBook running OS X 10.3. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. I’ve poked all around the settings, and none of it makes sense to me. Please put a comment here, or drop me a line if you know anything about this stuff. Thanks. In return, I’ll help you however I can.


I cannot even imagine how complicated this app must be if you are unable to figure it out. Do you by chance have the Mandarin localized version by accident?

And you want to work for Pixar...hopefully they AREN'T reading your blog.
FWIW, every time I try to export from Premiere Pro I end up with freaking HUGE files (quicktime, avi, whatever). And yet on the web I always find much smaller movies that seem to look better. Sigh. I will read the reactions here in hopes someone who knows the story can help.
When you start your premiere project it asks you what the project presets are. These are by default DV and then big (less compressed). The easiest option is to edit and render your movie in Premeire and output the large file. Then use a divx, xvid or microsoft media encoder to take that file and transcode it to a more web friendly size, bitrate and compressed codec depending on your audience.
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I've worked out what I need. Premiere will output reasonable sized .wmv files, and I can copy the movie to the iBook, and iMovie will make quite small .mov files. I'd rather have one format for both platforms, but at least this way everyone can see the clips.

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