Quick links: Pike, Air, Stickers, JS/UIX, SQL, Scarry

Friday 25 November 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

For Your-Welcome-Giving Day, some leftovers:

¶   Interpreting the Data: Parallel Analysis with Sawzall. Who knew Rob Pike was at Google, creating new languages, and with a cool email address of r at google dot com?

¶   All the water and all the air, nifty visualization.

¶   wish jar journal: fun with stickers, cute photos.

¶   JS/UIX - Terminal, A Unix clone implemented in JavaScript?

¶   Comparison of different SQL implementations, these tables may come in handy some day.

¶   Best Word Book Ever, how Richard Scarry’s classic has been updated to be more politically correct.


The water/air visualizations are just awesome, mostly due to surprise. You'd naturally expect more water and less air. JS/UIX is cool too. Thanks for sharing the links.
Here's a weird coincidence. On Thanksgiving day, we were over at my in-laws, comparing the old version (theirs) vs. the new version (ours) of the very same book. There were a few in the photoset that we hadn't noticed, but also a few that we found that aren't mentioned. It's a fun exercise.

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