Django losing its djang?

Wednesday 14 December 2005This is almost 18 years old. Be careful.

One of the interesting things about running a geek blog like this is seeing non-geek’s reactions to it. My college friend Ray is not a geek, but he’s cool in his own ways. I’m extremely jealous of his piano abilities, for example, and he works at the National Cathedral.

Ray recently sent me an email saying:

I want to hang with the cool people, too, so here goes:

Yeah, Ned, I know what you mean about “a=b” in Django. But my typo won’t ride the rails app when the dot is missing from the consumer software. So, if you square the matrix by deleting CMD c: then the django loses a little of its djang... know what I mean?



One more funny thing about Ray: way back when, we lent him our Mac (like twenty one years ago) so he could write a paper. A few hours into using it, Ray calls and says, "Ned, the computer is showing a bomb -- and it's lit!" :-)
Wicked funny. My brother-in-law, a non-geek, always says -in sotto voce- "I'm hacking down to the machine level" whenever I'm helping him out with a computer issue. He got it from some generic action movie scene where the resident hacker quips said line as he/she bypasses the security measures of a system...
"My college friend Ray is not a geek, but he's cool in his own ways."

Ned, that one cracked me up.

I guess the true test of whether you are a geek is if you think geeks are cool.

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