How to make a coin ring


nate 2:02 AM on 27 Apr 2005

I think he has a real silver silver dollar

Nate Finch 1:19 PM on 27 Apr 2005

Yeah.. I'm still pretty surprised hitting with a spoon does jack. I'd think a tack hammer would be the best thing for the job.

Not really sure what the point of the ring is either. For the most part, it just looks like plain silver band. Not to mention the fact that I'm guessing pure silver dollars aren't exactly cheap.

trbecker 1:25 PM on 27 Apr 2005

Hitting the coin enough times will do. Silver is VERY malleable.

Pete 10:29 PM on 27 Apr 2005

Just made one. Worked like a charm.

david 1:21 AM on 28 Apr 2005

hes using a 1964 kennedy half dollar, which is the only coin with 90% silver, so yeah, hitting it with a spoon will do it. but it would take awhile... however, taking a while will make it nice and smooth like his

kelly 5:49 PM on 18 Oct 2005

I want to know how to do this: is it really that easy if you use a silver only coin? How much do those cost? and why does this Don fellow have a $3 charge and a monopoly on this information? Jerk. If anyone else has tips...especially on how to get out teh center...please let me know

rings by russ 12:40 PM on 27 Apr 2009

I have made lots of these and started making them as a hobby. You can check out the photos at click on the photos tab
Thanks, Russ

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