Friday 16 December 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

This morning my seven-year-old asked if Wikipedia had entries for made-up planets (he has his own lovingly imagined world populated with many characters). I guessed that they might have ones for Star Wars planets like Naboo, and indeed they do. In fact, they have lots of Star Wars planets. As much Star Wars content as there is on Wikipedia, the fan demand has overflowed even its generous borders, into the wonderfully-named Wookieepedia. I love the web.


Wikipedia calls entries dealing with fictional entities Fancruft, it is appearently somewhat controversial about whether fancruft should be included at all.

Wikis of similar scope to Wikipedia but focused instead on fictional universes often spring up as a result. A hillarious one I've spent too much time with is ELotH:TES a wiki about a fictional fantasy world that never actually existed. In other words, the entirety of the wiki is made up by people who all pretend to be fans of the various novels, collectible card games, TV shows and so forth that define this mythos, none of which actually exist.

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