The Aristocrats

Tuesday 13 September 2005

We saw The Aristocrats over the weekend. What a ride. If you’ve heard anything about this movie, you know it is a documentary about a dirty joke, actually about “the dirtiest joke”. The joke itself is a simple thing, but the way the comedians riff on the guts of the joke is hilarious, and I found it fascinating to hear them create different structural variations, and philosophize about the joke, and comedy in general. About the filth: I don’t care how toughened you think you are, you will wince at some point during this movie. You will also laugh your ass off.


I know this is a old post.

but the funny thing about the film is that the FILM ITSELF is the dirtiest joke in the world.

The film itself is the 'Aristocrats Joke'. Remember how they were talking about you have to hook people on the joke and talked about how you have to make the joke last as long as possible and such.

Well the movie is the joke. It's the ultimate and most successfull Aristocrats joke ever. It's a joke on the audiance.

The irony is what makes it funny. :-)

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