Css-discuss wiki

Wednesday 2 February 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Not only is the css-discuss wiki full of useful information about CSS, it’s one of the best-organized wikis I’ve seen. The home page is laid out like a topical table of contents, giving you a sense that this is more than just a pile of pages: there’s some structure to it. Maybe it isn’t really more than a pile of pages, and maybe other wikis have just as much internal structure. It’s just that the maintainers of this wiki took the trouble to organize it for us.


Zwiki has some of these features built-in. A non-project-wiki (e.g. not http://zwiki.org) can be found at http://ZopeWiki.org -- be sure to click "full" for full exposure to the features.

I'm particularly intereseted in your perspective on the subtopics feature.
It might be useful for Rory Blyth in his colloborative writing project, but I guess since it's only for the Mac...

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