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Monday 27 April 2020

tl;dr: If you see something wrong on my site, please let me know. I won’t be annoyed or offended. You’ll be helping me. It’s a contribution.

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This morning I tweeted out a link to my Lato’s unfortunate ligatures blog post. Łukasz Langa tweeted back at me:

This is low pri but since we're already nitpicking: your website's design doesn't do image resizing proportionally. That's how it looks on the iPhone in horizontal mode (vertical is worse).

OMG! Are images looking like that on my site and I didn’t know? (I’ve since fixed the problem.) Turns out it wasn’t just iPhones: Safari on desktop also showed stretched images like this! Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I could have done more thorough testing to begin with, but bugs will happen no matter what.

If you see something wrong, get in touch to let me know. As a creator, I want to make good things. If you can point me to a problem, you are helping me make better things. Even small things like dropped words or mispellings are good to report (see what I did there?).

I know it might feel like you are being a nit-picker, but it shows me that you care enough about what I do to respond. It’s a good thing. Probably other blog authors feel the same way.

Thanks in advance.


Table on is hanging off the right side, on top of the high frequency background on the sides.
@Doug: thanks, I'd been meaning to do something about that. Now it's fixed.

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