Blog: 2008

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December 2008

Wed 31:

Structure Synth and Sunflow

Tue 30:

PyCon double-talk

Sun 28:

HP hibernation

Tue 23:

Referrers in iframes

Mon 22:

Newgrange solstice

Snow rules

Fri 19:

Accidental HTML entities in URLs

Sat 13:

Genetic image evolution

Fri 12:

Weather forecasting

Tue 2:

Internet explorer mystery #1376

November 2008

Sun 30:

Things I don’t like about doctest

Fri 28:

They want Sandy

Mon 24:

Print this file, your printer will jam

Sun 23:

My oldest code still running

Fri 21:

Judge orders five detainees released

Thu 20:

Quick links: Gromit, splitter, typealyzer

Wed 19:

Pathological backtracking

Tue 18:

Victoria Marcus Olds, 1911–2008

Presentation tools

Wed 12:

Tabblo at the Cambridge Django meetup

Mon 10:

Us on

Wed 5:

President Obama

Tue 4:

Gear cube

Stackoverflow social dynamics

October 2008

Wed 29:

The first servers

Mon 27:

Tabblo is hiring: web front-end developer

Sat 25:

Funkload ftw

Animated sorting algorithms

Sun 19:


Python mystery #6237: solved

Tue 14:

Ugly pages

Sat 11:

3 down, 47 to go

Mon 6:

Five thirty eight

Sun 5:

Aptus 2.0

Thu 2:

Python registry grepper

Wed 1:

Switching Python versions on windows

September 2008

Sat 27:

A server memory leak

Fri 26:

Cisco minus t

Tue 23:

Evil apple

Sat 20:

Honda Civic hybrid

Thu 18:

Competition inside corporations?

Wed 17:

Self-diagnosing software

Thu 11:

Reductio ad absurdum

Fri 5:

OpenID is too hard

Thu 4:

Caches aplenty

Mon 1:

Google chrome

August 2008

Sun 31:


Sat 30:


Wed 27:

Channel One and FM radio

Fri 15:

Code déjà vu

Wed 13:

What is it?

Mon 11:

Obvious next questions

Sun 10:

Anatomy of a Subway Hack

Sat 9:

Bridges 2008

git shirts

Wed 6:

Tire gauges

Sun 3:

Mac keyboard symbols

Fri 1:

Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press

July 2008

Thu 31:

Date Difference and different dates

Fri 25:


Tue 22:

Type cast

Mon 21:

Pre tags in comments

Sun 20:

On the counter-intuitiveness of speed

Sat 19:


Fri 18:

Personalized videos

Tue 15:

Database naming

Sun 13:

Encouragement from unlikely places

Sat 12:

Gas station tv

Tue 8:

Dealing with parking pigs

Tue 1:


June 2008

Wed 25:

Spore creature creator and steganography

Sat 21:

Subversion’s biggest hole

Thu 19:

Reporting server reliability

Wed 18:

Python import helper

Mon 16:

Iron Man videos

Biology factoid of the day

Sun 15:

Bad web typography: full justify

Sat 14:


One of the worst decisions in history

Fri 13:


Thu 12:

Classic photos in Lego

Tue 10:

How hot was it?

Fake web addresses

Sat 7:

Photoshop blend mode math


Tue 3:

Dealing with experts

Sun 1:

Michigan and Florida flap

May 2008

Sat 31:

I hate browser-scaled images

Tue 27:

I love RadioShack

Mon 26:

Rex Parker does the NYT crossword puzzle

Sun 25:

Ratatouille and Pixar technology

Sat 24:

Cog 2.1 and newline detection

Thu 22:

Bad web type: georgia’s numerals

Wed 21:

How to apply patches

Sat 17:

Max: stop-motion for French, and Apple Boston

Thu 15:

Water + laptop = ok

Tue 13:

Blu’s Muto

Mon 12:

Boy vs. girl

Tue 6:

So that happened... (digg, slashdot, and webfaction)

Sat 3:


Two animations

Fri 2:

TV and social surplus

Thu 1:

CSS Homer, animated

April 2008

Tue 29:

Homer and Bush in CSS


Mon 28:

Mystery: why no toothpaste?

Thu 24:

Non-transitive dice

Sat 19:

Separating sentences

Thu 17:


Tue 15:

New home page and EveryBlock

Mon 14:

Pixar and Disney line-up through 2012

Sat 12:

Fractal cookies

Fri 11:

Wicked hack: Python bytecode tracing

Thu 10:

Big dog robot and big dog beta

Wed 9:

The structure of .pyc files

Mon 7:


Zelda treasure cake

Sat 5:

Aptus 1.55 and wx buffered drawing

Fri 4:

Technology startup process

Thu 3:

Design pranks

March 2008

Sun 30:

Evolutionary ladder

Sat 29:

Aptus 1.5

Fri 28:

Street bag animals

Tue 25:

Baki cake

Sun 23:

Active URLs

Reddit’ers at the back of the class

Sat 22:


Fri 21:

Is it a cache?

Thu 20:

My birth announcement

Tue 18:

Python code complexity micro-tool

Consistent hashing

Mon 17:

PyCon 2008 notes

Fri 14:


Thu 13:

The script kiddies that couldn’t shoot straight

Wed 12:

Going to Pycon

Sun 9:

Doctor Who cake

Fri 7:

Space shuttle launch preparation

Thu 6:


Wed 5:

Lorem ipsum

Tue 4:

You suck at photoshop

Sun 2:

Screencasting made... difficult

This bothers me: Saudi Arabia

February 2008

Wed 27:

Sidney Diane Hussein

Tue 26:

Python solvers

Sun 24:

Brick Fetish

Fysics Phun

Sat 23:

Paul is or is not dead


Sun 17:

Apache proxy auto-re-loader

Sat 16:

Jenn: visualizing polytopes

Thu 14:

What I wish congress understood

Mon 11:

Enumerating trees

Sat 9:

The googles of the past

The evolution of tech companies’ logos

Tue 5:

Jimiyo fine art sprites

Sun 3:


Help: Building PIL on Windows (.a ⇒ .dll)?

January 2008

Thu 31:

Darth Nedibat

Wed 30:

Truly transparent text with PIL

Sun 27:

How to make people feel stupid

Thu 24:

Chandler and Python: don’t blame the tools

Wed 23:

Django people

Tue 22:

Software I use

Mon 21:

Cross-site printing?

Sun 20:


Sat 19:

Deadlock in real life

Fri 18:

Terry Gross and paying customers

Wed 16:

Permalinks, Gravatars and Django

Sat 12:

YouTubed Bob debut [u] oy!

Wed 9:

Rsync on Windows disk to disk?

Mon 7:

Bob Staake: Photoshop 3.0

Sat 5:

How badly can they not get it?


Fri 4:

Mathematically correct lighting

Wed 2:


Tue 1:

Peace, stay warm