Sometimes the automation really knows best

Tuesday 26 July 2005This is nearly 18 years old. Be careful.

Recently I was working on improving the automated test coverage for Cog, preparing for another release of features. I was approaching 100% coverage. There was only one line left untested. It was very simple undocumented function, cog.msg, which simply printed its argument to stdout. I thought about simply yanking it from the code. But looking at my own use of Cog, I saw that I had used it a few times, and others might want to, so I decided to put in a test for it, for completeness. If it weren’t the last untested line in the source, I probably would have skipped the test.

So I put in a simple test, and ran the test suite, and it failed! Turns out I had broken the function a while back during a global search and replace to use an explicit stdout member rather than sys.stdout. Go figure. The test that I had put in “just for completeness” found a genuine bug, and one that I would have encountered in my own environment once I tried deploying the code.

Now Cog has 100% test coverage (w00t!) and I learned my lesson about automated tests: they really work, and often know more than you do.


Out of curiosity, what are you using for your coverage analysis?
Why, my own updated version of, of course!

This feels like a planted question, but I didn't plant it!

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