Me, parodied

Monday 21 February 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Like Pete, I was parodied by my friend Mike Kudla over the weekend. Here is his take on me:

Ned (Life is computer software, computer software is life)...

We had a snowstorm yesterday in Boston. We got about 6” of heavy wet snow. As I was clearing my driveway, I realized that shoveling snow is a lot like writing software. You start at the bottom and work your way up, keeping your architecture/driveway clear and clean and with well-defined boundaries.

However, snow keeps falling, bugs keep being discovered, and you find you do the best you can. Just when you think you have cleaned up the entire product/driveway and all is clean and clear from the base to the highest foundations, that snow plow comes along and throws a ton of slush right back at you, much like an unhandled exception in a Python program.. blah.. blah.. blah... (lots of detailed references to obscure software technologies sure to follow...)

It’s hard to argue that I’ve been misrepresented! Except that this latest snowfall, I just sent my son out to shovel. In addition to being a hard-core software geek, I’m also a Dad of some increasingly-large boys.


This may be how you would think Ned clears snow, but the last snowstorm I did all the clearing!!!

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